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I totally stole this from Whitney over at Sincerely, Whitney. Without being tagged. BECAUSE, DUH, reasons. (All credits to the amazing tag creator, Roxanne, over at An Average Life!) Honestly it was kind of perfect timing, because I am rewatching Friends as quickly as I can before it's off of Netflix in January. (Dang streaming wars taking away my shows!)

I feel like Friends is one of those shows that, even if you've never watched it, you know at least one line. One catch phrase. Anything. You may love it, you may hate it. For me, it has a pretty substantial space in my heart and ties into some memories that I've made through the years. I was, I think, 13 or 14 when it ended, and remember watching the series finale as it aired.

The next day at school, it was THE topic while us girls were getting ready in gym. I can't say that it is necessarily an all time favourite (although I do love it!) but it definitely left an impression on me.

Let's just get down to the tag, shall we?
A book based on a game or competition
Well, this was an obvious choice for me. One of my favourite trilogies of all time! (One of my dogs is named Primrose, in honor of my love of the series.) I'll always have a soft spot for The Hunger Games. I wasn't sure if this one meant based on an actual game/competition or if it featured one, so I may have bent this to my own view.

Organisation queen. How do you organise your books?
My organization skills are fairly basic. I have a couple of shelves for my favourites. Typically, I go alphabetically with all the rest, but keep series together and in order of timelines and what not.

A book you read for the hype
The Lunar Chronicles is one of the only ones I can think of. As a whole, I read the series due to the love it received on Tumblr! I'm glad I did, because I adore it.

Shopping addict. What makes you buy a book?
If the synopsis intrigues me, I'll likely buy it! Or borrow it from the library. Then there's the matter of pretty cover designs causing me to swoon straight to the check-out line.

A Science fiction book
I don't read too much sci-fi! And I dislike (!) Ross, like a lot, so this was an interesting pair-up. 

On a break. Which books have you put down to pick back up later? 
I've done this with a lot of books in the past. Most recently it was Broken Monsters
A book that made you laugh out loud
Gorgeous made me laugh wildly. I still love it, in spite of its flaws. Holy Cow by David Duchovny also made me laugh a lot.

That time at Space Mountain. Are there any books you're embarrassed to admit you've read?
 Honestly? Not really. I find that I have very little shame when it comes to music and literature.
A scary book you'd keep in the freezer
I don't seem to frighten very easily these days. So, I am going to be the terrible person that skips this one! (Although, when I was little, pretty much all of Stephen Kings books scared me without me having read them.)

V is for Encyclopedia. As an adult, have you read any books with words you had to look up to understand?
I wish I could think of something for this one but, nada! My brain is totally clocking out for the holidays, I guess. It's funny that the only one its clocking out on is the JOEY one. Go team go!

A book with a spiritual or supernatural theme
This was another difficult one! For some reason, my brain was giving me absolute hell when it comes to picking an answer. I went with The Shadowhunter Chronicles due to all the supernatural creatures you find in this world!
The boycott. Are there any authors, booksellers or publishers you refuse to support? 
Sarah Dessen and I are TOTALLY *Ross voice* on a break right now, due to her recent behavior. And with all the absolutely delusional, rude and hateful behavior from newbie author Yvonthia Leland, she's definitely ensured that I won't be reading her work any time soon. 

A book with an OH MY GOD twist: 
 I just finished the second Percy Jackson novel The Sea of Monsters so that's the freshest "twist" in my mind. (Remember! It's the first time I've read the series!) Back in the day, I definitely had a shock of a time when I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, too.  
A British classic
Well, you guys had to see this one coming! My favourite classic is Wuthering Heights, and it definitely fits the bill.
A book nobody seems to be talking about
This was one of my favourite books of the decade. It was purely indulgent and there was just something about Mireille that I really enjoyed.
A LGBTQ+ book or author
 Birthday was one of the first books that came to mind. With the abuse allegations against Meredith Russo, I'm hesitant to list that one absolutely, but still felt it worth mentioning. However, I went with Red, White and Royal Blue, for a feel good factor.
A book or character with intense stalker vibes
 Would it really be a stalker reference without Joe from You? I think not. 
A slow burning book OR romance novel
I know a lot of people hate how much of a slow burn this one is, but it's my favourite standalone romance novel! Where Rainbows End/Love Rosie is just... one of my ultimate cozy reads.
A book that left you feeling accomplished or better educated
 Okay, this was another one I couldn't figure out straightaway! My brain is not functioning well today. It's hazy with my own anxiety and holiday stuff, but I'm actually about to read The Witches and I have a feeling I'll learn a bit more about what happened in Salem when I'm done. Hopefully. 
Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character do you most identify with? 
Oh, I'm totally a Chandler all the way. Maybe with a little Rachel sprinkled in for good measure. And the smallest dash of Monica.
Anyone who wants to join in on this tag, consider yourself tagged!
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