Charming, but Not My Cup of Tea | Review: Maybe This Time by Kasie West

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One day... I will find a Kasie West book that 100% works for me. She has such an endearingly sweet prose. But Maybe This Time wasn't my cup of tea.

One year. Nine events. Nine chances to . . . fall in love?

Weddings. Funerals. Barbecues. New Year's Eve parties. Name the occasion, and Sophie Evans will be there. Well, she has to be there. Sophie works for the local florist, so she can be found at every big event in her small hometown, arranging bouquets and managing family dramas.

Enter Andrew Hart. The son of the fancy new chef in town, Andrew is suddenly required to attend all the same events as Sophie. Entitled, arrogant, preppy Andrew. Sophie just wants to get her job done and finish up her sketches so she can apply to design school. But every time she turns around, there is Andrew, getting in her way and making her life more complicated. Until one day she wonders if maybe complicated isn't so bad after all . . .

Told over the course of one year and following Sophie from event to event, this delightful novel from master of romantic comedy Kasie West shows how love can blossom in unexpected places.

Maybe This Time by Kasie West 
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.5)

One day, I will love a Kasie West book. ONE. DAY. Today is, apparently, not that day. Maybe This Time was underwhelming for my personal preference in terms of plotlines and characters, yet I still find myself enjoying the way that West tells a story. Even if that story isn't my cup of tea. It's complicated, I know. My experience with her work has been hit or miss. As for this one, I had fun with it on the surface level but it did very little to endear itself enough for it to be memorable in my eyes.

Which isn't a dig at the novel or Kasie West, by any means. It's merely about what makes books stick out to me on a personal level. Everything about Maybe This Time had the potential to be a favourite, but just... wasn't. That isn't to say that this was a bad book, per se, or that people won't love it! It just wasn't for me.

And I'm really sad about that because so much of it stood out to me when I read its premise. It had so much potential for me! The slow-building (and I do mean SLOW) romance between "enemies" (one of my favourite tropes in love stories) and a character from small towns, with big dreams? I was like, yes, sign me up!

I myself was a girl from a (fairly) small town, with big dreams. So, any dreamer is a friend of mine. Aim for the stars, you know? There's a whole world out there, waiting to be explored, and I love it when people dream big. Needless to say, these are the types of characters that connect with me almost instantaneously and in many ways, Sophie was definitely one of those characters that felt easy to connect with.

The bad news is that she was the only character I could connect with. Not only this, I wasn't all that keen on the romance in this one. I felt like Maybe This Time could have benefit from a bit more in terms of length. It felt very abrupt at times and the way that the romance develops left a lot to be desired. And, at the end of the day, it felt there could have been much more to it.

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