You're Cordially Invited to Witness Marrow's Happily Ever After... | Review: Headstrong Like Us by Krista and Becca Ritchie

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Everything has building up to this: Maximoff Hale and Farrow Keene's wedding. The future starts now. And, yes, Krista and Becca Ritchie still own me. 100%.


You’re cordially invited to the wedding of Maximoff Hale & Farrow Keene, and according to Celebrity Crush—the ceremony for this American prince and his tattooed bodyguard is going to be the event of the century.

There will be no wedding crashers.

Including but not limited to: hateful people, rabid fans, nosy paparazzi, and other so-called media.

There will be no drama.

None whatsoever. Because when you put three famous families and their hot bodyguards together, nothing will go down.

There will be no fighting.

No brawls, fists flying, verbal slingshots, or rifts that tear into craters. Lovers only!

Everything will be perfect.

Nothing will go amiss during the happiest, most anticipated occasion of the year. But then again…

They don't call it the Hale Curse for nothing.

Headstrong Like Us by Krista and Becca Ritchie
Rating: ★★★★★

The older I get, the more I'm accepting the fact that I can change. And I am changing. Even if you want me to stay the same.

Wedding bells are ringing for Maximoff Hale and Farrow Keene, and I couldn't be more happy if I tried. Those aren't tears in my eyes. I'm just *sniffling*...ah, heck, I'm totally an emotional wreck in the best way possible. That's what I like to refer to as the Ritchie Squared Hangover. Which is far more common than you could ever imagine but I genuinely adore the characters that these two create. I always, always want what's best for them, and I was so ready to see what fate had in store for these two!

Headstrong Like Us was a completely emotional journey and honestly it was everything I wanted. And then some. And then some that I didn't know I wanted/needed. It's hard to explain without spoilers, but let me say this: Headstrong Like Us centered primarily around the upcoming wedding of Maximoff and Farrow (long live #MARROW) but it wasn't merely some kind of a "wedding story".

What I love most about Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie's magical way of crafting true-to-life and beautifully flawed characters, and relationships, is how they incorporate elements of family. You can find biological family love and found family love in each of their novels, and they always write it in the most stunning and heartfelt of ways. In the case of Headstrong Like Us we see this glorious quality in living colour and, as always, it feels like we're amongst friends of our own.

The novel itself was not quite what I was expecting. Part of me assumed it would be a wrap-up of the lovestory that is Marrow, but it was genuinely so much more than that. The growth that these two have gone through in the four books that they are center stage is unbelievably beautiful. We get to see them settling into this next chapter of their life after the events of Sinful Like Us (I know, they weren't the main focus but the end of that novel set a specific course for the rest of the series) and suddenly they are challenged with something new.

Something, someone, that goes beyond their simple 'I dos' and changes their life for the better. I am so glad we got to see them embark on starting their own family and honestly it was something I never knew I wanted. (I'm not a 'settle down and have/adopt kids' type of person. I should have mentioned that.) With every new challenge, comes something all the more emotionally charged and lively.

As always, we get to see our favourites from all three of the intertwining series: Addicted, Calloway Sisters and Like Us. We get a little foreshadowing of what's to come, and we get some beautiful moments between the families and friends featured. Most importantly, we see Marrow begin the path to the future in a way that was always meant to be--them, together, strong, and happy. 

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