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Aside from the obvious choices (!!!BOOKS!!!! Gift-cards TO BUY MORE BOOKS!!! A slab of wood to fashion into their wall as another bookshelf SO THEY CAN BUY MORE BOOKS! A bookish gift through Book of the Month YA!!!) there are so many wonderful items out there for your favourite book hoarder nerd fan.  

Now that December is here, the time for gift giving has commenced! If you're feeling a bit (see: a lot) overwhelmed deciding what to buy, it's okay. I've got you covered on the inspiration front. Here are some of my favourite (and very specific and probably very biased) gift ideas for your local book lover.

Of course I had to start here. You know these two are my ride or die author duo. They have two shops on their website: Threadless, where they sell merch based on their novels, and then Fizz World on Society 6. If you know a fan of the ever-expanding Addicted, Calloway Sisters and Like Us universe: these shops are total MUST visits. 

This is a new-to-me shop, but I'm in awe over their classic, cute and minimalist Looking For Alaska inspired collaboration with the Booktuber LovelyLikeLaura. The two have previous released a collection inspired by Anna Todd's After series as well. I am mildly obsessed with the collections they've released thus far. I feel like out of all the items listed on this guide, Storyline Jewelry is one of the best options because they are so versatile and offer more than just literary based pieces. 

I didn't really pay much attention to the idea of book sleeves until I started becoming more active on Bookstagram. Once Dev started posting more and more of the sleeves from this particular seller, the more intrigued about them I became. (Side note!! You can use her rep code on your orders for 10% off: READBYDEV10) But this isn't all that Fandomsleeves offers! They make adorable stickers, 'mug rugs', bookmarks and more inspired by various fandoms. (Another note: being that it is close to the holidays, I realize that some items are sold out at the moment. They still have a lot available though!) 
We all adore C.G. Drews's blog (PaperFury 4 lyfe) and books and bookish photography and the hilarity that is her Twitter. BUT DID YOU KNOW SHE SELLS MUGS? Well, probably. BUT, holy sprinkles on cakes, they are so cute and I must have them all. She also makes gorgeous prints that you can order on pillows, phone cases, tote bags, laptop sleeves and more. Can't wait for the day she starts selling tattoos so I can get one on my forehead or soul or something

From incredibly stunning stickers and coasters, to mugs and serving trays, and beyond, this little shop has an amazing selection! I can't say they have a little something for everyone (no one does), but they come very close to it!  
Sonnet and Fable was  an accidental find on my part! I was searching for something unrelated and BOOM, something from their Etsy popped up. The rest, as they say, is history--I am completely obsessed with their designs! Their designs are perfect for any book lover who appreciates an almost vintage aesthetic. 

I've talked about them before in passing but this is one of my favourite candle shops on Etsy! I am a total candle junkie and Briarwick is one of the best shops around. There are so many cute candles that will surely leave an impression on any book, or candle, lover! 

This is one of my newest finds. BUT, AH. So much cuteness in this little shop! You can't go wrong with the selection of watercolor prints, stickers and enamel pins. I'm not kidding--this is a shop that you're going to want to look into more because there is just so much!

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