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ctr Converge (The Rental #1) by Rebecca Berto | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

As a note, an e-galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

[This review contains adult content. 18+] Converge is my first experience with a book penned by the phenomenal Rebecca Berto and I’m so glad it was. I simply cannot wait to dive into her impressive list of published work. I typically stray from erotic fiction at the risk of cliches swallowing me and the probability of boring, repetitive sexual encounters.

There’s only so much I can deal with when it comes to reading the same stories over and over again. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Converge had some of the hottest, most intriguing and mind blowing sex scenes I’ve seen written in a very, very long time. I am blown away by the quality of it all.

Berto is THE author to read from in this genre, I’m discovering, and I simply could not get enough of this steamy and erotic love story she’s provided us. New Adult fiction as a genre has never looked so appealing to me and it’s all thanks to Rebecca Berto, ladies and gentlemen. I’m seriously applauding her right now.

Onto the review. Converge tells us a love story that is off the charts in tension and romance; it’s gorgeous and thrilling and intriguing in all the ways a love story should be. And the rest of the plots? Phew, what an excellent and unexpected ride – I loved every minute of it.

Our leading relationship between Vee and Rick oozes sexual chemistry in a way that many of us dream about and fortunately for them, their connection goes beyond physical. It can go from being tender, to fiery passion taking over and jealousy taking hold.

Vee and Rick’s relationship starts with a history of its own but builds in a way that is unconventional for romance to begin in most lives. This, the thrills from their workplace and a forbidden element set fire to readers and draws them in; but the genuine likeability of both characters keeps them even more focused on the story beyond the sex.

Vee’s narration starts the story with a tone that leads us to feel heartbroken for our leading lady – in one night, her entire world changes in all the worst ways. After attending Rick’s 21st birthday party, her boyfriend Justin (otherwise known as follows: dirtbag and sadly Rick’s younger brother) is caught cheating on her with her best friend (sigh) and the trouble doesn’t end there.

Tragedy strikes in the form of the death of her beloved father. Vee is visibly heartbroken and rightfully so; readers will feel drawn to her emotion and struggle and from this moment on we know we want nothing but good things to happen to our girl. Sadly, life is a struggle and these things take time.

As time passes, we see she is certainly troubled with this but remarkably keeps on going. In this time, she has held jobs in an effort to help her mother financially survive the six months since her father died. It is during one of these jobs that she has a chance encounter with Rick, who she has always had chemistry with and is surprised to find that these feelings haven’t passed.

It’s almost like a spark of hope, of life, appears in our narrators life. And then, after catching up with Rick’s workplace Vee finds herself in a world she’d never really imagined. The Rental.

The Rent is a place of power, seduction, passion. It’s a place that promises wealth and fantasy. Soon, she finds herself taking on a career at The Rental and allows herself to discover a world of erotic feelings; the exploration of her own sexuality and the power of it all.

It’s a fantasy. It’s just what she needs to stay afloat financially.

Rick, too, works at The Rental in a different way than Vee. And together, their desire for one another takes hold and leads them for the ride of their life. Lust and love fuel their passion; their exploration of each other is forbidden but both choose this path for themselves. Complications come by the hand of their relationship in more than a few ways, but typically have a fulfilling outcome and leave the audience scrambling for more of these two.

As for all their scenes? Phew. Some of the sexiest, fantasy inducing, heart thumping pages I’ve ever read. There’s something undeniably sexy and thrilling about their relationship and about the way they explore their sexualities with others; the idea of someone watching them for instance is so…

AHHH. Let’s just say Converge includes so much pleasure, I can feel myself growing flustered by the memories of it. I couldn’t put it down. I genuinely couldn’t stop reading and fanning myself.

I mean…

Vee’s first sexual experience? Yes. Her first job with Nix, Jimmy and Rick? Hell yes. That smoking hot threesome with Nix, Rick and Vee? GOD, YES. Yes, yes, yes! It’s all so delectable I can hardly stand it. And the outcome of Vee’s job at The Rental is left hanging for the briefest of moments, before a new offer is put on the table and… I just cannot wait for the sequel.

Did I mention phew?

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