Review: Broken Glass by V.C. Andrews

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Broken Glass by V.C. Andrews | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

While it may not erase every last flaw that was found in its predecessor, Broken Glass is a far superior read when compared to The Mirror Sisters. Kicking off the plot right after the first book's cliffhanger, this is a novel that is quite reminiscent of the real V.C. Andrews. As the story unfolds and the web of lies come closing in on us, we can't help but to notice that the story has taken on that old school campy thrill that can only be found in the original volumes of Andrews. It's one of those rarities in the better part of a decade that Andrew Neiderman has kept up with himself and provided us with a shining light in his era.

That being said, I thought the emotional disturbances with this one were really strong. Your skin is going to crawl. I enjoyed that we saw a rotating point of view of both twins, as opposed to only Kaylee in the previous novel. Haylee is a dangerous, unreliable narrator that feels like classic V.C. Andrews. She gives Vera from My Sweet Audrina a run for her money as one of the wildest bad girls in the archives of Andrews. We saw the resemblance head on in The Mirror Sisters between the relationship of Haylee/Kaylee and Vera/Audrina.

In this one, we see how they almost--ahem--mirror one another. Different but oddly similar in terms of relationships. Which can be a bit frustrating and repetitive but I think in the case of Broken Glass it's one of the biggest saving graces. This is still its own story, but the ties and parallels will keep you on your toes.

There's a childlike quality to both of the twins, despite Haylee's dark nature and it's just a compelling development. You can't help but hate her and still be sympathetic, when you think about the environment both she and Kaylee were raised in. Their mother is a different kind of abusive and once again, it feels awfully familiar to Audrina's family in My Sweet Audrina. During this book, you see things from another perspective and both chill you to the bone in a very different way.

I can't believe how well this one was written in comparison to the last few V.C. Andrews novels I'd picked up. Sure, it was flawed and triggering and had a lot of cringe worthy moments. But it wasn't a bad read at all. I was captivated by the dark prose and the turn of events and seeing how things were tied up whilst still falling into place for the third, and concluding, novel. I'm stoked for it.

The dynamic is interesting between the twins because you can easily see how they both went in such opposite directions--it's a classic case of good vs. evil but there's still a hell of a lot of gray area to be explored. I was surprised it took as long as it did for someone to realize that there was more to Haylee's claims than they'd seen. So much tension came in the novel while waiting for her lies to unravel and catch up with her.

As for the most heartbreaking parts of the novel--I still can't believe how Kaylee was treated. I am not saying I don't understand that the other twin is fucked up but it's just so chilling to see her get abducted and then her survival while being held captive. You feel so much for the poor child and it was terrifying to see the lengths she had to go to just so she could see another day. I genuinely was concerned and on the edge of my seat for her, especially during the climax and waiting for someone to either rescue her or see her finally escape. It's one of those horrifying moments that just make you need a breather.

Overall, I did enjoy this one and only wish that the tone of the first book matched this one. So much time and plots could have been explored sooner--I cannot wait for the next book. I am actually in shock by this.

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