Review: Never-Contented Things by Sarah Porter

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Seductive. Cruel. Bored
Be wary of…

Prince and his fairy courtiers are staggeringly beautiful, unrelentingly cruel, and exhausted by the tedium of the centuries―until they meet foster-siblings Josh and Ksenia. Drawn in by their vivid emotions, undying love for each other, and passion for life, Prince will stop at nothing to possess them.

First seduced and then entrapped by the fairies, Josh and Ksenia learn that the fairies' otherworldly gifts come at a terrible price―and they must risk everything in order to reclaim their freedom.

 Never-Contented Things by Sarah Porter | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5-4 star? I haven't decided.)

I was sent an eARC of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. This does not change my view in any shape or form.

This was such a "fun" book to pick up during my birthday week. Admittedly, I've been in one of those greedy "give me all the fairy" books as of late. (Which seems to be a theme in the book community!) When I saw Never-Contented Things on NetGalley, I actually didn't read the synopsis I just saw the genre and the cover and went a little request/click happy.

Plus, that cover is GORGEOUS. I think it might be one of the prettiest (and somehow: spookiest) I've seen so far this year. It reminds me of Lumière by Jacqueline Garlick to a degree. It's not identical or even fully similar it's just... the vibes feel similar to me! I wonder if they were designed by the same person.

I don't know, I saw it and I was like... really feeling it in general. Also, give me that lip colour. It's not spot-on/mirror like in terms of design but the position and design just really, really reminds me of my much-beloved Lumière and, well, you get it! I'm making grabby hands at how beautiful it is and need (NEED!!!) a physical copy ASAP. This is the type of novel that begs to be photographed and I'm in awe over it.

A lot of readers seem to be put-off by the synopsis (it's true that it doesn't necessarily fit the novel all too well) and the fact that it wasn't another The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. That is absolutely the biggest mistake you can make as a reader. While the synopsis does lead us into thinking one way, the story is *not* going to live up to false expectations. So, ditch that the very second you pick up Never-Contented Things because you're only ruining the book for yourself. This is much less of a fun and intriguing and morally gray fantasy novels and more of a horror based novel.

The fantasy elements are more like background noise. It adds a layer to the atmosphere but it's not... wholly in depth.

Somethings do tie into a similar tone to The Cruel Prince, and other like novels, but Never-Contented Things is like that shadowy section of the genre. It's messy and creepy. There are subtle and not-so-subtle cruelties.

This is the type of book that can be difficult to get into. It's not going to be for everyone. The story is something that will either repulse you or intertwine itself into you. The first half is a bit slower than the last half. Once you stick with it, though, it's worth it. 

I will also say that this book has representation but it's of a darker variety. This might press buttons for many. I'm not really going to go over the potential controversies--especially since the release date is so far off.

Instead, my review is going to zero in on the positives involving Never-Contented Things. One, it is delicious and dark and really well-written. I liked that most of the characters were... not always likable? And the relationships in this weren't always ones that are healthy or appealing. It's not a clean-cut novel and has some triggering things in it.

I can't explain it without spoiling it, but these characters aren't going to always be for the faint of heart. And honestly? I liked them all the more for it. I also had some distinct V.C. Andrews vibes about it, when it came to the negatives and characteristics in it.

In short, I enjoyed this book a lot. I thought there was a lot of toxicity in it and there was something disturbing about it. It's because of this, and the synopsis, that Never-Contented Things won't be for everyone. There's something unique and atmospheric about this book, though, and I really found myself basking in its darkness.

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