Cover Change: Forbidden Desires the Series by Kendall Ryan

6:26 PM

Cover shake-up! You may have already seen the news, but one of the reigning queens of romance, Kendall Ryan, has a whole new look for her latest series: Forbidden Desires! If you didn't already know, I fell completely in love with the first installment of the series, Dirty Little Secret, and am anticipating the second installment so much I can barely sit still.

I love the series so much, I would definitely read a copy even if it was just a tattered paper bag with a giant "?" as a title. I'm not kidding. Judge me. I suppose that's what happens when you find yourself swooning all over town over the delectable Kingsley brothers. If I had any shame, this is the part where I'd duck my head.

As much as I love the old covers and find them to be more my aesthetic, literally give me all the men in suit details thanks, this is a pretty handsome (ah-ha) move when it comes to marketing. While I'll always prefer the others (again: men in suits) there's something about the general sex appeal featured in the new covers that'll make you look twice. Or not look away at all.

Without further ado... let's all take a moment to appreciate the new look! And remember: just a few more days until the second installment of the series launches!

 What are your thoughts on the new look for Forbidden Desires? Upgrade or downgrade?

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