Top Ten Tuesday #3: Food Talk + Favourite Food/Recipe Blogs

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The theme for this weeks TOP TEN TUESDAY, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, was pretty nerve wracking for me: Top Ten Yummy Foods Mentioned In Books. Can you list the dozens of times various foods have been mentioned--or described--in books? I can't! Fashion is easier for me to point at and say, hey, remember that time that so-and-so wore that slinky blank dress in (INSERT BOOK TITLE)?

Food? Food and I tend to have a forgetful relationship. Which is why there will be so little listed in terms of books that mention food--I know it's there in a lot of my favourite literature... but I literally can't think of it! Yikes. I suck, I know. But, the good news is--I will be including my favourite food and recipe blogs in with the post as well.

I should warn you, though. I have a lot of health/stomach issues that require a certain way of eating that may not be for everyone--primarily without meat and bordering on vegan but not always so. So, without further ado! Let's do this!



A Gourmet Girl Mystery Series by Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park: Swoon, talk about yummy. This mother-daughter duo thoroughly entertained me with their cozy mysteries. As it happens, they include a TON of food talk and recipes mixed in with the mystery and romance. I loved this series. 


Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling: I think, at this point, it's a given that I always add Harry Potter to LITERALLY ALL THE LISTS. I mean, hello? THE HOGWARTS FEASTS? Come on, like you weren't thinking (and maybe drooling) about this too. 


Afterburn and Aftershock by Sylvia Day: It's only fitting to include this duo of short stories after yesterday's official trailer release. I have one thing to say to you: Italian cooking is featured. And sex.


The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins: Food was such a huge theme in The Hunger Games trilogy, even when it wasn't mentioned or described. From Katniss struggling to keep her family fed and afloat with her best-friend Gale, to Peeta saving Katniss from a bought of starvation as kids, all the way to the food the capitol served its tributes.  


The Caster Chronicles by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia: Witches, witches, witches. I am sure it comes as no shock that I have two magic-based stories on my list. So, I have two words for you, kiddos. Dar-ee Keen.


MINIMALIST BAKER: To put it bluntly, I live on Minimalist Baker. Dana is constantly serving up an array of dishes that make my stomach happy and chances are I'm making one of her recipes at the moment this is being posted. I'm serious--I constantly use a recipe from her page and check it weekly to see what's new and tasty. I love her soups in particular but there are so many goodies to find on the blog itself. Plus, her photography is stunning.

Recipe Highlights because I love almost everything she posts 
(*I'm not doing this for the other options because lazy.):

ISA CHANDRA: You can find her recipes on two different sites. If you share the same eating habits as me, you probably know Isa from her blog Post Punk Kitchen. I have kept her on my radar for a bit but only just started testing out her recipes and OH MY GOD, I'm in love. 

LAUREN CONRAD'S LIFE STYLE BLOG: Lauren Conrad is more than your average reality star turned author turned stylist turned lifestyle blogger (that's a mouthful)--it's no secret that I positively adore her and have since the golden days of Laguna Beach and The Hills. Not only is everything on the blog totally Pinterest worthy, Team L.C. posts a lot of good tips and recipes. So think of this as a massive source for food, fashion, drinks, literature, crafts and basically everything in between.

FARING WELL: This is one of my other go-to places for recipes online. I just made this Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe for dinner this weekend and I'm still recovering from how good it was. I made way too much for just myself to be eating so I, naturally, gave some to my best friend and my dad. Even my dad enjoyed the food--and he is the pickiest eater I know who used to flinch at the word vegan.

OH SHE GLOWS: When I first started eating plant based food and mixing up my recipes to go with my new dietary needs, I stumbled upon a list of bloggers that were amongst some of the best food blogs. Angela's blog catered to so many of my concerns and really gives an extra kick to my meals. In a way, she's one of my biggest influences when it comes to crafting my own recipes and cooking with my best friend. 

Oh, goodness. A LOT of work went into making this post. Sometimes, you never know how difficult such a mundane topic is going to be when it comes to exploring and making a list. I'm glad I decided to split up my answers a bit because there was no way my tiny-little-brain could have managed listing only books that mention/feature delicious foods. 

And food blogs are so much easier for me to post than recipe books--not because there isn't an abundance of them, but because these bloggers often have their own recipe books out there too! 

What are some of your picks for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday? Have you posted your answers?

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