Instagram Roundup: September 2017

5:16 PM

Another month bites the dust. Dum-dum-dum. I'm very late posting this for many reasons. One, you guys already know, I was pretty sick for the last half of September and the first few days of October. I wanted to focus--instead--on posting reviews, blitz stuff, etc. September was mostly dedicated to this and going out with friends. Also, drooling over new makeup--in particular, Fenty Beauty. Which is kind of slaying the entire beauty game right now.

Two, I've been revamping the blog as a whole. That means, all of my past roundups for Instagram have been changed. ALL OF THEM. I've been very bored with my general look and oddly motivated to just change ALL THE THINGS. Which is good and bad. Good, because change is--gulp--fun. Bad, because it's kind of eating up my time but eh, what can you do? I'll include the links to past roundups under the cut. The downside to changing it all and making new posts (the old format was just too much to mess with) is I lost all those pretty comments you guys left me.

*Sniffles* Not that there was a lot to begin with. And not that that's tragic. I'm mostly just teasing. I am that boring. Which, you know what, who cares? I don't. You don't. We all good. I'm rambling again. That does tend to happen, doesn't it? Me, rambling? Whatever--point is, I CHANGED STUFF. And without further ado... let's look at my Instagram archives of September 2017.

*As always, I do not include images that are not square in dimensions for my roundups. I'd get too annoyed with format. You can find me here on Instagram. 

*Seductive Voice Over*

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