Review: Royally Raised by Emma Chase

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Royally Raised by Emma Chase | Rating:  ★★★☆☆

Oh, I didn't realize how much I missed Emma Chase's Royally series (I still haven't read the third book, sigh) until I picked up Royally Raised. Short stories set in a well-developed verse can be a tricky business and while I enjoyed Royally Raised, and Emma Chase is still totally my girl, I thought as a story it could have been concluded differently. Not to sound picky or cliched, but the short story felt too open ended.

Unless she plans on expanded it into a full story in the future, of course. I loved seeing Henry and Sarah again. Their happily ever after, their family, their kingdom. I enjoyed the general fluffy aspects of it--entirely because their novel in the Royally series was my favourite to begin with. Seeing them in their ever-after was sweet and not unlike dropping in to see an old friend. I loved it!

But, the plot felt a bit stilled when it became apparent that we wouldn't get a glimpse into what it's like for them trying to get through to their daughter. Again, it's such a minor thing that just made me step back from the short story in disappointment. It felt like it could have been better. It felt like the outline to another installment that hasn't been written yet, you know what I mean? Which, again, isn't the way you should approach it--basically, don't be a wet blanket like yours truly.

Things I loved: 

HENRY AND SARAH. I mean, I don't have to explain that do I? I enjoyed catching up with their future and seeing them aged but still the characters we fell in love with. I could honestly read an entire series just based around them--they give me the warm and fuzzies.

GILBERT. The youngest child of Henry and Sarah is the cutest little nugget to have ever cute. I'm not kidding. This is now an actual technical term and there's nothing you can do about it.

EMMA CHASE'S VELVETY SMOOTH PROSE. Honestly, if you love Emma Chase's writing like I do you're going to love this regardless. Not only do we catch up with our favourites, we also get to see a lighter tone to her--not that Royally wasn't on the light side to begin with. What I mean is, it is the perfect style of writing to indulge in. It's smart and warm, just the way we like it.

Overall, I enjoyed Royally Raised and now have this sudden urge to reread the series before I get my paws on Royally Endowed. Yes, I'm late to this. Yes, I want to smack me a bit too.

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