Top Ten Tuesday #5: Ten Books That Are Perfect For Halloween

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If you're new to my blog, or book blogging in general, or just new to Top Ten Tuesday, it is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and its title means exactly what you think it means. Each week, bloggers are given one topic to write about--it's the ultimate book lover meme and I adore it. This week is a freebie post, in honor of Halloween, meaning whatever topic my little heart desires. Which is both exciting and oddly daunting because who has creativity these days?*

*You guys are all creative. I am not. And it's Sunday, I wanted to write this early and have it scheduled. I'm also hungover which is never a good combination.

I first thought I'd do one that was devoted exclusive to various forms of horror, and creatures of the  supernatural/paranormal variety and sprinkle in some magic and mythology.

To my utter shock (see: sarcasm) I couldn't focus on that and was drawing a complete blank because (1) Hungover. (2) Stupid. (3) I am SUPER DUPER TIRED. (4) My mind is elsewhere because I am daydreaming about the fact that I ordered some new lipstick last night. #JUSTADULTTHINGS. And then, just as quickly as the thought came it went the heckle away from me. I decided on horror/thriller/mystery/emotionally disturbing theme instead.

The very sort of books (one graphic novel*) that make your skin crawl--or at least, they made mine crawl. Some of these are books I adore--others are ones I don't but are still included because they freaked me the frickity frack out.



Honorable Mentions: ALL THE STEPHEN KING BOOKS BASICALLY, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and The Walking Dead comics.
 There you have it! Some of these books are frightening in the deepest way, others are more of a mind-fuck and some are nostalgia infused. 
What are some of your favourite spooky reads?

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