Review Roundup (#1)

10:03 PM

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? I still can't believe September wrapped up so quickly and that we're just a few short months away from 2018. One of the biggest symptoms of getting older is the fact that the passage of time seems much shorter than it did when we were kids. You blink one day and suddenly it's five years later and you're staring into your cup of coffee with a completely baffled expression.

Everything seems to pass by in a blur! September was one of those months. It feels like it was just the start of August and one of my very best friend's finally came for a visit after nearly three years of not seeing each other. Shout out to Becca, I love and miss you. Please come back. Further, it feels like it is still 2007 and Gossip Girl just premiered but the reality is that was ten years ago and I'm feeling very, very old. That also means that Booked J is bordering on its tenth anniversary and wow, I can't believe it!

To be perfectly honest, this year has been hit or miss for me. There have been a lot of events that made the year less than desirable but for the most part, I've had a pretty great time with literature and social events. The year isn't over yet, fortunately, so it still has some time to either make or break itself at least a dozen more times. September, as it happens, was one of my busiest months here at Booked J and I've been super satisfied with the paths I have taken as of late.

I've finally gotten around to participating in more BOOK BLITZ and COVER REVEALS. I've been trying very hard to expand my horizon when it comes to content and genres and while I've only just begun, it has definitely revitalized my love for blogging which is something I desperately needed for a few years.

Which leads us to this--I reviewed a lot this month. I surprised myself!

That about wraps it up! What were some of the books you reviewed last month? Have you read any of the above? Do you plan on checking out any of the above this month? Let me know in the comment section!

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