Review: Girl Logic by Iliza Shlesinger

9:41 PM

Girl Logic: The Genius and Abusrdity by Iliza Shlesinger | Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (DNF)

As a note, a review copy of this novel was provided on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. Thank you!

Ah! I'm disappointed in myself too for not finishing this bad boy. I really wanted to like this one! Sometimes, it's like comedy doesn't translate to page easily, for me, and while I enjoy Iliza Shlesinger's humor (somewhere between casually and a fan) Girl Logic just didn't do it for me.

In fact, it was one of those books where I was at a stand-still for quite a while before just finally closing it and shrugging. Not everything is going to be my cup of tea and that is fine. It happens. Iliza deserves better than that but it does happen.

Here's the thing: her particular brand of humor is not going to be for everyone. Like all comedic timing, there can be off-putting content expressed and that's okay. Sometimes you can look past things, sometimes you can't. While I had several moments of genuine witch-cackling in the pages that I read, it was not enough to compel me to read it further. You know when you like a book just fine but the sparks aren't at your finger tips? That's what Girl Logic was for me, at the end of the day, and that sucked.

That being said... fans of Shlesinger will appreciate her standup style in the form of paper but it will also gather new fans for her. Because at the end of the day--she does funny well. And people who do funny well, will get that attention for it. Most comedians can be very point blank in their humor and have this sort of intellect to them that will catch you off guard.

A lot of times, that's what Iliza Shlesinger's humor does. It catches you off guard in the best way possible. Which is why I encourage you to pick up this book if you have a sense of humor.

Regardless of my review, it could very well be that book that causes you to spit up your coffee like an idiot. This is what her standup does for me. I spit up my coffee. Shit happens.

Moral of the story is: this book wasn't my cup of tea. Or cup of coffee, if you want to get technical. I'm still smad about it. Don't let that intimidate you from it. Girl Logic has the potential to throw you off your game and laugh your ass off, and you should give it that chance to do so.

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