Book Blitz + Giveaway: Selective Memory by D.D. Lorenzo

9:00 AM

ALERT, ALERT, ALERT! Today's the day! It's time for the Selective Memory Blitz! Not only do I have a bit of a celebration going on behalf of it, you can view the two book trailers here and here!

Onto the main event--Selective Memory. The second, and now newly revised, installment of The Depth of Emotion has finally landed (it was originally published all the way back in 2014) and I'm so excited to share the news with you. 

If you're like me, you love (love, love, love!) a good suspense. Double the points and love if it also combines romance or other genres with it. In the case of D.D. Lorenzo's Positive Negativity and Selective Memory, you're in for a wild ride of suspense and romance. 

To learn more about Selective Memory, the first book in the series and D.D. Lorenzo, follow the cut. And don't forget to enter the killer giveaway that is provided in celebration of this revised release! 

Good luck!

Title: Selective Memory
Author: D.D. Lorenzo 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Suspense 
Release Date: September 19, 2017 
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba

Declan Sinclair was known for his dark looks and perfect physique, but no more. A tragic accident destroys his image, and he puts an end to his relationship with the woman he loves.
He’s tortured.
Aria Cole is moving on. Loving Declan filled her, then nearly destroyed her. She is moving on without him and vows that she’ll, never again, give her heart to another.
She’s determined.
The end of Declan and Aria’s relationship played right into the queen of the New York fashion scene; Marisol Franzi. She always gets what she wants, and she wants Declan. The only thing standing in her way is that he's still in love with Aria.
Big mistake.

DD Lorenzo aspires every day to be a better writer than she was the day before. From childhood, she has been more an empath than she cared to be. Sensing the emotional connections between family and friends, she wrote her first story when she was six years old. The gift continued into adulthood and with the encouragement of a few New York Times Bestselling Authors, she took a leap of faith and published. In her spare time, she loves sinking her toes in the sand on the eastern shores of Maryland and Delaware. She lived a love story with her late husband, Mike, and now considers him her guardian angel. When she isn't writing she enjoys the company of her eclectic family, friends, and her adventurous King Charles Cavalier puppy, Sawyer. The only things she doesn't like are judgmental people and okra. You can find DD on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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