Book Blitz + Giveaway: Beautiful Rivers Series by Jordyn White

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Are you ready for your next adult obsession? Beautiful Rivers is a series all about that contemporary romance readers long for and is the perfect series to swoon over. Beautiful Mine is sure to start a fire amongst the pages for many readers who long for steamy love affairs and the complexities of real life. Jordyn White weaves a love story that you can't look away from and as a whole, the Beautiful Rivers series has all the makings of an addictive set of books. 

And I'm so excited to celebrate the release of Beautiful Mine with you guys, which was published on September 10th 2017. To learn more about the series and author, and one exclusive giveaway, follow the cut. You won't be disappointed.


Beautiful Mine
Jordyn White
(Beautiful Rivers, #1)
Publication date: September 10th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
When fellow Californians Whitney Spencer and Connor Rivers meet in the most unlikely of places—on the Camino pilgrimage in Spain—they fall head first into a brief, impassioned love affair. But Whitney’s on her way back to her career in San Francisco, and Connor is a world traveler whose restless spirit has yet to be captured by anyone.
Tragedy strikes and Connor is called home to help his siblings run the family business, the Rivers Paradise Resort. Yet the adventurer inside him hasn’t gone away; in fact, his wanderlust is on the verge of destroying his family’s fragile stability.
After Whitney’s career brings her to Connor’s resort, the sparks between them flare. Will her reappearance be enough to tame him? Can their love be enough, or are they destined for another gut-wrenching goodbye?
The Beautiful Rivers Series:
I’m waiting for the elevator, wondering if I should ask the front desk for restaurant suggestions or just find a place on my own. Then the doors open to reveal someone standing inside.
My lips part in surprise. Connor does a double take, then gives me a slow, slow smile.
Umm…. okay. This is a whole new ballgame now.
“We meet again,” he says, still smiling. My estrogen starts flowing at the sight of that smile and those eyes. I couldn’t stop it now if I tried.
“Hello again.” I step into the elevator. He looks—and smells—freshly bathed as well and I have a sudden vision of him naked in a tub. God. Between that and the fact that there’s apparently no escaping this guy, I completely forget why I was trying to escape him to start with.
The doors slide closed with a soft thud and the little space grows even smaller. I don’t stand too close, but I certainly would’ve stood farther away if I’d never met him before. The car begins its downward journey and my stomach swoops more than usual.
We start giving each other that wondering look from before. He’s still smiling, and there’s a smile teasing the corners of my mouth too. In spite of being freshly bathed, he didn’t shave. He still has that cute scruff on his jaw.
“You’re staying here, too?” I ask.
He turns toward me a bit and leans one shoulder against the back wall. Oh man. Just like when he turned toward me at the table, this little movement makes things feel more familiar. But this time it’s just us. In this little box. I like it. “I heard this is the best place for the weary Camino pilgrim.”
I adjust slightly so I can lean against the wall as well. I really can’t help it. Because it seems like this is the moment we’ve been building to all along. “That’s what the guidebooks say anyway.”
“Do they?”
“Don’t you have a guidebook?” The car already starts to slow, dammit. I don’t want to walk away this time. I want to linger awhile.
“I’m not the guidebook type,” he answers, as we come to a stop. “I’d rather just ask around. But I think we have more important matters to discuss.”
The elevator dings and the doors open. Neither one of us moves. My heart is thumping in anticipation. “Do we?”
“Yes. You’re about to go your way and I’m about to go mine, but clearly the universe thinks we need to talk some more.”
Thump, thump, thump. Now it’s my turn to give a slow smile. “The universe, huh?”
“Okay.” He grins. “It’s me. I think we should talk more.”

Author Bio:
Jordyn White writes steamy romances featuring smart, sexy women and the swoon-worthy men who adore them. Her sexy love stories are full of passion but don’t skimp on the tenderness. She’s addicted to trendy coffee houses, poolside lounging, and HEAs. When not tapping blissfully away on her laptop, she takes time to enjoy life with her husband and their children.

Author Bonus Giveaway:

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