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Step out of the ordinary with some of the most darling designs over at Paperless Post. Who doesn't love a good owl post, right? The trade of online card and invitations exchange can be tricky at best. Paperless Post knows how frustrating and unappealing that can be for those who want to send out online cards to their loved ones; pairing up with some of the best in the stationery and design world (such as Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade, Sugar Paper and more) they are the leading source for customizing your online cards.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the site thanks to a partnership with the lovely people over at Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post. While they provided the coins for me to test out Paperless Post's services, this does not effect my opinion in any way. All thoughts are based upon my own experiences with the site itself.

So let's jump right into it!


Founded in 2009 by a pair of siblings, James and Alexa Hirschfeld, Paperless Post was designed to help those of us in the digital age create--and correspond--with one another online and in real time. At the forefront of its counterparts, it mixed the nostalgia of classic cards and invitations with modern designs and an easy way to customize our desires.

And you guessed it--it's paperless and done online! 

Together, we create and develop ways of expression. One of the most ideal things about Paperless Post is that its services are perfect both for the creative in us and those of us who are artistically challenged. It's a frugal way to send out invitations and cards--as well as to create customized stationery and other beautifully crafted pieces. If you're anything like me, you've struggled to find cards in the past that will convey the proper meaning--with Paperless Post, it's easy to customize a message for your loved ones all the way to your acquaintances or co-workers.

Overall, it's a charming site with an excellent collection of card, invitations and stationery. I love that you are able to spice things up by customizing not only cards but the envelopes and stamps--it makes the experience feel all the more authentic to users. You may be sending a card online, but it certainly doesn't feel like it.


Its main currency is in the form of coins--on average, it doesn't take a lot of coins to pay for one card. There you will find that its price changes upon customization and depending on how many recipients you send it to. It's still inexpensive.

And you are in complete control over your balance upon loading it. The starting range is 20 coins for $6.00 USD and that's a steal--my first card was purchased with only 5 coins. 5! To learn more about the cost of coins, they have a handy guide when it comes to purchasing.

Love at First Browse: 
The Experience 

Because of the upcoming Halloween festivities, my first thought was to send out Halloween cards to my fellow book bloggers, family and friends. Which I am still in the process of customizing a ton to send out before/by Tuesday. For this holiday, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the options were both stunning and affordable; some cards, even, are free. I cannot stress how beautiful the designs are (which shouldn't come as a shock) and how easy it is to navigate the web-page as a whole.

Its clean and minimal design contrasts wonderfully against the cards and other content. Everything is pretty upfront. You find the card you want to use, customize its text and envelope to your liking. All that's missing is the stamp licking--but the stamp is there even still. Which, again, adds this nostalgic vibe to it that I'm living for.

I also appreciate the fact that you are able to draft and schedule the cards you plan on sending. It makes it simple to add your contacts and to have everything at the ready. I'm one of those people that like to schedule things in to make sure I have everything done on time. Paperless Post makes it easy and stress-free. Your dashboard is just a click away and it's all pretty standard when it comes to placements.

Besides this, the cards are delivered in a timely fashion--which is one of the biggest perks to sending online cards and invitations. There's no pesky delays due to weather or something getting lost in the mail.


I've already touched base on the designers and brands featured on the site. To learn more about them, simply go to Paperless Post to see the complete list and selection. There's so much to browse. Naturally, I was drawn to a lot of designs in their impressive collection. There is something for everyone. For every taste. For every occasion. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc.

My first customized card was to my father. The design, by Linda & Harriet is so charming and sweet. I love the little doodles of candy corn. It's simple and classic. That is the most common theme you will find in their offerings--designs that are both modern and classic.

Another fantastic part of the customizing process is that you can preview the card--and send a sample to yourself--just to make sure it is to your liking. See what I mean by stress free?

Because I'm such a charming daughter, and a delightful adult, this is an example of the card and I sent:


My personal favourite of their selection is the stationery. I'm rather new to online stationery use but I am a firm believer in sending thank-yous to people and I love to show it printed upon the pages of something as beautiful as they are. A great many of you will be receiving something like this from me once I finish customizing and putting to words how much everyone means to me.

Here's an example/draft:


Here you will find a resource list of some of the many items you can send via Paperless Post.

Overall, I'm blown away with Paperless Post's simplicity and delicious designs. If you've been searching for a site that caters to your preference in design, this is the one for you to trust. In fact, it is the only one I trust. I'm completely obsessed--and I think you will be, too. Something about this platform makes it fun again to send cards to loved ones.

It truly blows all of its counterparts straight from the water and makes it all so easy to embrace one another in communication. So why wait? The holidays are just around the corner and Paperless Post is here to help you get ahead of the game on cards and invitations. Or to save you--months from now--if you are late!

I can't recommend this site enough. It's a real treat.

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