Shadowhunters Recap: 78 Thoughts I Had During the 3B Premiere

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Living that high life as Shadowhunters trash. 


It is no secret that I am obsessed with Cassandra Clare's The Shadowhunter Chronicles. I am full on trash for them in any format (something that is only shared with Harry Potter: give me ALL the HP stuff, too, okay?) and that means I've been highly anticipating the 3B premiere of Freeform's TV adaptation of the books, Shadowhunters for ages

There's a lot of things that are bittersweet about the return of the show because we're that much closer to it being donezo for good. And I'm still in denial about that fact, but the good news is: fans of the show and the books have THREE new Cassandra Clare books set in the Shadowhunters world this year. Plus, the 3B premiere was paced perfectly and proves one thing: the show is going to go out on a high note. 

Because of the show popularity, I've decided to kick it old school and instead of a standard recap of the episode, I'm going to format it similarly to my 101 Thoughts I Had While Reading Queen of Air and Darkness. It goes without saying that THIS POST IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SPOILER FREE. If you haven't watched the newest episode, consider this your warning to turn back now. 

Extra points if your name is actually Sarah. 
If not, I'm changing it for you if only for this post. 


Siblings reconnecting and getting stabby in Siberia! The episode should have been named Stabby in Siberia. Thank me later, Freeform.

New face, who dis? VIBES.

Herondale ANGST!


Raphael Santiago.

Lightwood family kicking ass. 


Angry Witch Grandma doing Angry Witch Grandma things.

Luke proving once again that he is Clary's dad through and through. Also, serving up a conspiracy board MOOD.

Luke in the 3B premiere.
*Incoherent babbling 

  1. IT'S FINE, I'm only a LITTLE emotional that this mid-season premiere is starting the way that season one started--Alec, Izzy and Jace hunting down the bad guys. I LOVE THIS FOR ME! I love pain! 
  2. Ugh, I've missed them. I can't believe we are only getting half a season more. Well, and a special. What am I going to do once my angels are gONE????????????? 
  3. The fight choreography just kicked me in the chest and left me gasping for air in the middle of Chicago. 911. 
  4. OH, okay, cool so the PAIN is consistent in this episode. Poor Jace. He always has so much guilt building up on him. *pets* (Yikes, did I just pet a Herondale? Pet a Herondale is a good name for a band, I hope Simon Lewis is listening.)
  5. Coooool. So! We're just gonna hit me with some Climon friendship flashbacks. Shadowhunters out here attacking me. Would you guys let me live? I MEAN, I know she's not dead but they don't know this but--OH GREAT, we're just going to have a moody scene for everyone thinking about Clary and her "death." HAHA, the song choice is gutting me now too okay okay fair play, assholes, fair play.
  6. Shadowhunters Writers: do you guys want some Clary and Jonathan fuckery?
    Us, crawling from the fiery pits of hell: Yes.
  7. Love Clary 4 lyf. Like, 10/10 would die for her. 
  8. The apartment is an icon in its own right. We have decided to stan forever.
  9. Everyone: CLARY, NO!
    Clary: Actually, yes. Clary, yes.
  10. MALEC. You're BEAUTIFUL the way YOU ARE. I am cry. I am emote. Babies. 
  11. Malec, Catarina and Madzie: babies. Family. Angels. I love you all. 
  12. Maia Roberts marry me CHALLENGE. 
  13. We love the fact that Maia left FOR HERSELF. She needed to. Please don't lecture. Will tackle anyone who does or gets judgemental. 
  14. Isabelle Lightwood is the Queen of Shadowhunters, the light of my life. I said what I said. 
  15. Someone should just babysit Jace for the rest of the episode. 
  16. I was wondering when someone would cut my Clace feelings. Here we are. Hello darkness, my old fuck-off-now. OH, WE'RE JUST GONNA SNIPE ME WITH THE CLIZZY FEELINGS NOW TOO OKAY, SHIT.
  17. Izzy. Babe. "Not a minute goes by--" OUCH.
  18. OW.
  19. Damn it.
  20. Isabelle loves her brothers so much. My darling. She loves everyone so much. 
  21. Alec reading Madzie a bedtime story is SUCH a look. I adore Malec in all forms but ESPECIALLY when they are being cute parents. 
  22. Madzie, my angel. 
  23. OH MY GOD MY MALEC HEART IS SOARING. FLYING. DANCING ON AIR. (I might be losing my mind a little but at least I still have Malec.)
  24. Magnus "oh you know how we get" Bane. 
  28. Kat as Clary looking like Death but Vogue. That's what they told the makeup artist, probably. "Death, but make it Vogue." 
  29. Fucking Iris. IRIS FUCK OFF CHALLENGE. --me every damn time Iris is on screen, ever. 
  31. I feel so bad for Jace but Alec is right. If Clary were dead she'd probably haunt Jace if he didn't snap out of his grief. Like, she would let him process it but after a certain point she'd pop up and be like dude get your shit together. I love you but if you don't straighten up, I'm going to [insert Clarissa Fairchild threat here] and... 
  32. Maia and Izzy scene, now das wassssuuuupppp! 
  33. I forgot about all of that re: Simon's mom. I probably shouldn't, as it's similar to the books but like... yep, forgotten. Poor Simon. 
  34. Isabelle is an angel, send tweet. 
  35. Maia loves Simon SO MUCH. I really love show Maia/Simon. Like, Sizzy is forever the OTP but I just really love this version of Maia/Simon too so like... *hides* 
  36. Jonathan's "Clary!" yell just made me laugh. I am choking. Why am I laughing? WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY TO ME??????? WHAT THE FRESH HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?? 
  37. Magnus Bane is so goddamn ADORABLE. Lethal? YES. Adorable? YEP. 
  38. Fuck Iris, take 20.
  39. EXCUSE ME ???????????
  40. What
  41. Anyways, Jonathan, stop.
  42. Clary just push him in the fire. WAIT NO DON'T DO THAT BECAUSE YEAH NO DON'T. 
  43. Because I think they're attached, like book!Jace and Jonathan are. So like don't get stabby. 
  44. I'm glad Ollie is safe. I actually am very fond of her and IK I don't say it much but I like Ollie. I am an Ollie stan. There, I said it.
  45. BTW: Luke! FINALLY. 
  46. Luke's conspiracy board is a whole ass mood. This is me. He just *knows* and I love him for it. 
  47. Jace is just like ????? but also like, okay. He is just like hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 
  48. This scene is tough. Jace really wants to believe Luke's theories. But! You can see how guarded he is about it being possible.He has hope, but, to quote Spencer Hastings from PLL, hope breeds eternal misery. And like, yeah. 
  49. Shut up, Iris. 
  50. Protect Magnus Bane at all costs. 
  51. Seriously, go to hell, Iris. I'm tired. You're tired.
  52. Petition for more Magnus Bane backstories, please. 
  53. Protective Papa Bear Alec. I love this song! 
  54. Raphael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. I am sympathetic to Heidi, btw. I know she's not IN this episode but the mention reminded me that I wanted to say that. Like, I was sympathetic to Maureen in the novels too. I feel for them both, but I'm also FUCKING TERRIFIED OF THEM. 
  56. Oooh, did someone say mySTERY VAMPIRE???? Is it a ✴✴✴✴SUPER DUPER SPARKLY CULLEN✴✴✴✴???? Dracula????????????? Bill Compton???????? Those are all the vampires I know by name re: other pop culture titles thanks for listening bye
  58. Anyways, fuck Iris.
  59. The score for Madzie scenes is so sweet and creepy and HONESTLY, I live for it.
  60. Izzzzzzzzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!! ALEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! MY KIDS!
  61. I hope that's the last we see of Iris but I'm not allowed nice things or peace so we'll probably see her again before the show ends. 
  62. I'm not a fan of TV!Jia Penhallow and it makes me sad. I really want to be but I'm not. 
  63. That is... interesting.... what is... I have... questionS????
  64. Is it too late to say that I still miss Jocelyn Fairchild even though she has never been a favourite character of mine in anything (books, show, film) ??????????? I hate that we'll never get a Luke and Jocelyn wedding and OUCH I am sad
  65. Magnus :( YOU. ARE. SO. BEYOND. POWERFUL. 
  66. This Malec scene?????? Tattoo it onto my forehead. 
  67. P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L! 
  68. Oh, Magnus. Let Alec and Izzy take care of you like you always take care of them. #family 
  69. YES, PLEASE. Are we going to get some MALEC training scenes? 10/10 I love this for me. My babies about to kick ass EVEN MORE which I didn't know was possible but helllllo, my brand. 
  70. Love new mythology!! Need it!!! CRAVE IT!!! Put it in an IV and direct it straight to my soul. 
  71. Scared for Simon though like obviously. 
  72. Maia's right. Maia is (almost) always right. 
  73. We love two supporting cupcakes! Maia is so soft for Simon. She looks at him and melts. Relatable 
  74. This is such a stunning episode in terms of aesthetics. Like, YES. I want to edit the heck out of these scenes. I'm swoon. I'm no longer a human, but a drool. 
  75. Clary! YES!!! MY VIOLENT ANGEL. Also, CALLED IT. (But, who didn't?) 
  76. So! TV!Clary is attached to TV!Jonathan, like BOOK!Jace is attached to BOOK!Jonathan/Sebastian. I am a little concerned by this but not a lot because I'M STOKED TO SEE WHERE IT GOES and how much it deviates from the books further. I'm trash for twists. This is going to be fucking WILD and I'm ready.
  77. WELL, there goes the last of my sanity. It was nice knowing it. I mean, I didn't really know it, not personally, but like, it was kind of there, right? It had to be. 
  78. Uh okay so is it next week yet??????????? IS IT?????????/
Freeform: As always, you'll have to wait until Monday for the next episode.

In short, I have A LOT OF FEELINGS and expectations about the rest of season three. AND REEAAALLLY, REAAAAALLLY, DON'T WANT IT TO END.

Did you watch the 3B premiere of Shadowhunters? What do you think will happen in the final episodes? Are you sad to see it go? Why do birds suddenly appear every--

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