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the mortal instruments: city of bones City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clara | Rating: ★★★☆☆

"The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he’d learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed."

Originally, I had read this novel while I was a teenager and hadn’t had the best impression of it due to reasons that weren’t at all part of the novel itself; moreso do to my mindset at the time. That being said, I picked it up again recently in hopes of getting to know the story and its characters better now that I am, once again, more focused.

I have to admit — I was a skeptic due to things I’d heard about spoilers of the plot and varied things in regard to the author. And at times the way characters were developed and how the novel itself was written, I wasn’t so certain that I’d grow attached to the plot. Though the story flowed in a decently presented manner, I sometimes felt that the appearance and explanations of some things left me wondering the hows and the whys.

And yet, there’s something vivid throughout the story that grips you as Clary fights through a whole new world to find her mother. Her strength, for me, was the definite selling point when it came down to it. At the start of her journey you come face to face with her and the realization that her life is beautifully normal. She could be anybody you pass on the street. You almost don’t expect the growth she had shown throughout this first novel and admittedly I wasn’t prepared to grow attached to her character.

Yet, I did. 

I think for me that it isn’t just her strength as a general thing that draws me in: it’s the fact that this girl loves her mother so much. That in spite of the things this woman hides from her, she would literally move through fire to save her. And that’s a rare thing to find in young adult these days: that bond between a mother and daughter. It’s very refreshing.

And of course there’s the snark. Definitely appreciated the banter between characters. Sarcasm is typically a hit or miss in novels, it all depends on the person reading its taste, but I find that most people will come to chuckle at the wit that is featured in the narration and moments between characters. It keeps a lightness to the series, which is definitely an appealing point and will keep you reading (note to self: do not read certain parts in public. You will look a little crazy if you’re caught laughing to yourself!) even if the dramatics of the story may get tiring.

Overall, the images painted in my mind throughout the story were brightly coloured. While the novel may not be the golden novel of ones dreams, its flaws well known, I do appreciate the story. Bravery. Family. Love. Friendship. And due to many spoilers, I am absolutely willing to “forgive” that nifty little plot twist towards the end of the novel.

Hats off to Cassandra Clare for creating a world filled with lovely, interesting characters who will come to feel like home to you. This novel certainly is a jackpot among the young adult genre: dark, sarcastic to the core and touches down on the ever so appealing forbidden love.

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