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waking up married Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly | Rating: ★★★★☆

"…fairy tales come in varieties she hadn’t known existed." / "Life isn’t about getting everything you want the instant you want it."

This novel is one of the eBooks you can receive for free on iTunes, Amazon and Netgalley (as well as, I’m sure, many other sites) and is surprisingly well written for what you come to find in the freebies sections. It’s an easy paced novel and very fluffy and it will definitely cater to fans of romance novels. If you’re looking to fill a craving on a “will they, won’t they” sort of relationship, this book offers that in a very amusing way.

Disclaimer: it will not be your cup of tea if you aren’t big on the simplistic ways typical romance novels are written.

This particular story is a fresh, modern take on many romantic themes of current women’s lives. We have a pretty solid female lead (for a romance novel) in the form of Megan, a woman who is tired of relationships and the disappointment men often bring to her world but ready to raise a family of her own.

Unlike most romance novels, we start with the understanding that Megan isn’t looking to raise a child with a man — she is looking into having a procedure done to become pregnant on her own. This, among the small glimpse into the background life of her character on her own, is rather refreshing compared to the background stories we see in most romance novels.

(I feel as though I should insert a disclaimer here, as I’m not big on reading romance so I really don’t have the knowledge to say that it’s refreshing.)

As the story and its main plot begins, we see Megan at the weekend of her cousins bachelerette party in, shocker, Vegas! What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, we quickly learn. During a night out she comes across a charming, attractive man in the form of Connor. Long story short is they spend the evening out together, drinking and find they both have some sort of click with one another and wind up getting married by the end of the evening.

Though their initial meeting and story is unrealistic and yet at times still managing to be a bit cliché, their dialogue and connection is something that will keep readers interested in learning more about the two of them as time goes on.

And through their shaky connection and pasts apart from each other, they learn the important lesson of love and that sometimes good things come to you in a very surprising way.

You’ll find that the story itself is short and at times doesn’t develop its characters too well, but it still gets the job done for a fluffy girl binge read. So, if you’re looking for something simple and fun to devour in between breaks, this eBook is definitely for you!

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