Review: Everything Reminds You of Something Else by Elana Wolff

10:23 PM

Everything Reminds You of Something Else by Elana Wolff | Rating: ★★★☆☆

A copy of this novel was provided through NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not effect my opinions in any way. 

The first thing that strikes me about this collection of poetry is that there's a great glimpse of soul in the works. I had a bit of a problem tying the collection together (it flowed, at times, incoherently and I wasn't connecting with specific parts of it) but Everything Reminds You of Something Else is still a damn good release.  As far as introductions to a poet go, I really enjoyed getting to know her--there were, as I said, some rough patches for me personally, but when it was good it was bloody brilliant. I only wish that the collection had been longer; it would have, in my opinion, smoothed out some of the less than stellar parts had it been expanded. 

You may be thinking: "It's only 90 pages and the average rating is sitting at a solid three stars--is it worth it?" For me, it was worth it. When the poems were on fire, they made the kinks less irritating. I liked the nature aspects of it--we relate our words back to something else that feels familiar.Wolff weaves through the heart of things on several occasions and we really get to know people through their poems; this is no different. 

In terms of prose goes (har-har-har), it's elegant and heartfelt. There were a couple of poems that truly moved me and made up for the weaker ones. I couldn't always get past the way the flow went about, but that doesn't mean Everything Reminds You of Something Else wasn't a good release. It really and truly was--I didn't get the chance to connect with it quite like I'd hoped but it's enough to warm me up and captivate my attention for more releases from Elana Wolff in the coming years. 

Once you get passed a few minor details and pay no attention to the length, I think a lot of people will see themselves in the lines of poetry and that's the best part. I'm thinking up a specific poem that I felt, in time, will really connect with her audience and be very thought provoking. Give Everything Reminds You of Something Else a chance to grow on you this summer--it's the perfect short beach read that just may be your next obsession when it comes to poems.  

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