Review: A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin

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A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin | Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

Is that the ultimate paradox of life, she wondered, that the universe should become less clear with age?

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a massive crush on Gillian Anderson--she is basically my ride or die when it comes to celebrities. A Vision of Fire is her debut work of fiction with Jeff Rovin and it starts off steady and with a thrilling question. As far as first installments goes in science fiction, this is a positively delicious (and maybe a little frightening) introduction to The Earthend Saga and managed to be riveting, thoughtful and mysterious. It had its rough patches mid-novel that felt to drag on a bit more than the rest, which is what knocked it down a half star in my review, but for the most part it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I liked seeing her return to science fiction in a way that was reminiscent of The X-Files but still fresh and different. Teaming up celebrities and authors to create a new series can be a tricky task that is often lost in translation but Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin's vision (har-har-har) is clear from the getgo. A total dream-team. Not only do they pen an engaging novel that will compel its readers to keep flipping through from start to finish, the message and overall plots are coherent and full of something utterly fascinating.

It helps that the cast of characters are full of life and intrigue; an equal combination of intelligence and humour. When reading A Vision of Fire you can't help but to love Caitlin and her son, Jacob. The same goes for the minor characters that play a massive role in how the story unfolds, is connected and what will come in future installments. I'm curious to see if Ben's role will be expanded in the next installments--and of course am wondering what comes next for him and Caitlin as a pair.

There romance isn't the novels biggest selling point: it's the mysterious occurrences happening around the world and connecting people of the present with people of the past. I loved Maanik and felt sympathy about what was going on with her as well as admiration to how well she was seeming to handle it in the moments which she was herself. It's impossible to look at what all was occurring and not feel concern for the girl who was seemingly at the center of it all.

Overall, I enjoyed A Vision of Fire and am looking forward to the future of the series. It had its rough patches and flaws but for the most part, I definitely am looking forward to hearing more of the series. It's the perfect mix of anticipation, mystery, romance and more. I have a feeling that the next stories will only expand on this and go up from here. Perfect for longtime fans of Gillian Anderson as well as new.

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