Marie Rutkoski is Back and Better Than Ever! | Blog Tour + Review: The Midnight Lie by Marie Rutkoski

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The Winner's Trilogy fans, rejoice! Our Queen Marie Rutkoski is back with a new series set within the same world: The Midnight Lie. And it's everything you'd want from a WLW fantasy! (Meaning: IT IS SO GOOD AND I'M OBSESSED.)

The Midnight Lie
by Marie Rutkoski 

Where Nirrim lives, crime abounds, a harsh tribunal rules, and society’s pleasures are reserved for the High Kith. Life in the Ward is grim and punishing. People of her low status are forbidden from sampling sweets or wearing colors. You either follow the rules, or pay a tithe and suffer the consequences.

Nirrim keeps her head down and a dangerous secret close to her chest.

But then she encounters Sid, a rakish traveler from far away who whispers rumors that the High Caste possesses magic. Sid tempts Nirrim to seek that magic for herself. But to do that, Nirrim must surrender her old life. She must place her trust in this sly stranger who asks, above all, not to be trusted.

Set in the world of the New York Times–bestselling Winner’s Trilogy, beloved author Marie Rutkoski returns with an epic LGBTQ romantic fantasy about learning to free ourselves from the lies others tell us—and the lies we tell ourselves.

aka, the original series in which The Midnight Lie is spun off from

The Midnight Lie by Marie Rutkoski 
Rating: ★★★★★

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. 

The Midnight Lie was, as you know, one of my most anticipated releases of 2020. Right up there with Cassandra Clare's Chain of Gold. Fortunately for me, and fans of The Winner's Trilogy, The Midnight Lie was every bit as electrifying and magical as we'd hoped. And while I'm a die-had fan of the original trilogy, this new series is shaping up to be Rutkoski's best work yet.

Set within the same world as The Winner's Trilogy, this all new story is sprinkled with little Easter eggs from the original series and the same electric feeling. Ultimately, it is its own enthralling story that feels instantly classic. Straight away readers will notice the indulgent and mysterious tone that Rutkoski thrives on. The Midnight Lie engrosses readers with a new setting that is seemingly isolated and cloaked with pure mystery.

Sprinkled between intrigue, angst and hardship, lies told to us and lies we tell ourselves, we get glimmers of hope and adventure in a way that feels smooth. Pages fly by and for a moment, it's as if we're living in The Midnight Lie.

For every romantic heartbeat, we get a thrill of adventure, the anxiety of danger, the wit of solid banter. Rutkoski delivers in every way possible with the sizzling chemistry of Nirrim and Sid.

If there's one thing you should know about The Midnight Lie, it's that Marie Rutkoski takes readers on a new, magic infused, romantic adventure--and best of all? Its main relationship is between two young women and they're kind of everything. As always, the world building is epic and expansive; the new, build-up of magic is SO interesting. The Midnight Lie captures everything that we loved about The Winner's Trilogy and spins readers on their head with decadent plot-twists, first loves, betrayals and more.

In short? It is breathless and addictive. Completely impossible to put down. Marie Rutkoski proves once again that she is a storyteller we all long to listen to. The Midnight Lie is can't miss reading material and I can't wait to read the next installment after that wickedly brutal and heartbreaking plot-twist in its final act. I loved its many twists and turns and watching the central storylines unravel.

My favourite thing about The Midnight Lie, aside from the main relationship and Rutksoki's striking prose, is the many ties that go straight back to The Winner's Trilogy. I cannot wait to see where she goes next with the story and am eagerly anticipating the next in line.

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