A Magical Debut, A Fantastic New Voice in Fiction | Review: The Chameleon with a Sword by B.L. Logan

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Another day, another error on my part. Not only did I forget to schedule some reviews, I accidentally deleted two others. Killing it today on Booked J. I was selecting entries to unpublish temporarily (and edit/reformat) and accidentally deleted them entirely. No worries. My review of The Chameleon with a Sword is refreshed and back!

About the Chameleon with a Sword 
by B.L. Logan 


Protectors of the Day. Life. Loyalists.

A word that slices fear through sixteen-year-old Leena Niran the way her sword does enemies. A people who decided her destiny, but don’t even know she exists.


Protectors of the Night. Death. Traitors.

A word once signifying respect and honor in Prince Mordecai’s homeland. A people synonymous with betrayal because of him.

The Oculan.

The reason life exists peacefully. The sum of Day and Night—two ancient energy forces a king must keep in balance or risk blending life and death in a cataclysmic melee. A risk worth Leena’s life.

Suddenly, a nomadic fencer finds herself wanted. By a government, a king, and a vengeful exiled prince seeking salvation for the illness killing his people. A cure flowing through Leena’s veins.

Leena’s safety becomes the duty of another protector, but her fate is her own. With a bounty on her head, Leena must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to protect herself, her dreams, her family, her world. The choice will be deadly either way.

B.L. Logan’s cinematic YA fantasy debut introduces a lush and diverse world of magic, royalty, adventure and loyalty—perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone, Graceling and the Throne of Glass series.

The Chameleon with a Sword by B.L. Logan 
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5 stars)

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

This book was proper good. I'm not sure why I had issues getting into it because at about a quarter of the way through I went from being indifferent to thoroughly captivated by The Chameleon with a Sword. Something about the beginning just didn't connect with me, but, dang. D-A-N-G.

When I DID connect with it??? When it finally connect with me? Pure entertainment that consumes your day. The Chameleon with a Sword holds to incredible story-telling as its center. The story is compromised of many things: high paced plotlines, thoroughly delightful and thrilling with characters that feel as complex and dynamic as is necessary for development.

Each of these essential qualities are tied into a beautiful prose by B.L. Logan, who's writing shines bright and compels readers until the story wraps up. She pens the story in a way that is full of wonderful, intrigue and dedicates a great amount of her time to world-building. Logan further takes the story to incredible heights by providing reader's with the POV of both the hero and the villain.

Come for the premise, stay for the fantastical writing. The Chameleon with a Sword surely has its flaws, but it is Logan's tone and determination that makes the story build into something all the more special. Time is split fairly evenly throughout the novel, leading to a quickly paced exploration of the story.

Each conflict that arises in the narration and plotlines ties into the bigger picture. We learn about the world right alongside one of our main characters, which adds a wonderful layer of intimacy and atmosphere to the novel. The Chameleon with a Sword is destined to be a work of fiction that draws new readers into exciting worlds.

B.L. Logan is definitely a voice to look out for. I can't wait to see what else she brings to the table in the future. 

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