A Shamelessly Thrilling Conclusion | Review: Shameless by Katherine Hawthorne

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It's the end of the line for Katherine Hawthorne's dark and intriguing Sinful Surrender series. And this conclusion is just as shamelessly thrilling as its title leads you to believe.

by Katherine Hawthorne

Xander, a blonde god, heartbreakingly beautiful.

He owned my heart. Once my hero, my best friend, my lover. Now quite possibly my enemy. I thought I could vanish, disappear until I found the strength to move on, find the will to survive after he incited a war in which there could be no winner. But I should have known, should have foreseen…there was no hiding from Xander.

Sin, the devil incarnate, wickedly sexy.

He demanded my soul. Dominating as ever, Sin is relentless, but I refuse to relinquish control, vigilantly protecting the shattered remains of my heart in an effort to keep myself safe. Yet safety proves to be an illusion. A victim’s revenge escalates, the hunted now the hunter, forcing me back into a dangerous life I desperately wanted to escape and soon the killer isn’t the only one intent on drawing me out.

Torn between heaven and hell, I was powerless against them.

Both men are demanding a decision. An impossible, life-altering choice I’m too frightened to consider, heightening the tension until it explodes without warning. Blurring the lines between the two men, Xander strips me of my defenses, leaving me breathless and begging for more. As the killer’s horrific conspiracy develops, Sin is just as merciless, his wicked games intensifying. Driving me to my knees in a desire so all-consuming, I’m left drowning until one terrifying, soul-shattering moment in time changes everything.

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Shameless by Katherine Hawthorne 
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Hoo, boy. I'm shook. What a wild ride. Get ready for more romance, more revelations and unraveling of horrifying mysteries. Shameless is the the startling and unexpectedly dark and delicious conclusion to Sinful Surrender. It. Is. The. Best. Installment. Yet. (And, even though I'm in denial about it, the best conclusion to an adult series in 2019. But, we're not talking about the fact that it's over.)

There were so many thrilling moments in Shameless, it is hard to describe. My heart was racing in fear and excitement as the story developed and unraveled. If you, like me, thought that Scandalous was the best installment, we were completely wrong. This. Book. Is. WILD. It is all consuming. Steamy, dark and full of life.

Following the path to answers and new layers, Katherine Hawthorne takes us for one more intense romp of crime and passion. Now that Belle made her choice between Sin and Xander--when faced with the choice of which man to pick, she decides on neither--the central relationship is firmly in 'will they, won't they?' territory. We know that the polyamorous relationship is likely endgame, but Hawthorne teases us briefly.

Familiar faces return and threats linger in the background of nearly every page. Again, Hawthorne makes everything about Shameless a balancing act. It is as intensely erotic as the others in the series. It has sprinkles of friendship. It is atmospheric, mysterious and dangerous. I can't say that I did or didn't expect where the series ended, but I can say that I was wholly satisfied and in awe of where Hawthorne left it.

Seeing where the story takes us is breathtaking and fast paced. It's proof of what I've been saying all along: this series is so refreshing and dark and indulgent, you won't be able to put it down until you finish.

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