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Between reading Wardens of Eternity and finishing up the Percy Jackson series, I'm in mythological bliss.

About Wardens of Eternity

Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Blink (January 21, 2020)
Magic and magical creatures. Immortal gods and goddesses. History and mythology. Strap in for this action-packed YA novel that takes place over the days leading up to World War II, when Ziva must rely on her wit and magic to outmaneuver Nazis and ancient Egyptian gods to prevent global destruction.

Ziva has one memory of her parents, made the day they abandoned her on the streets of New York City when she was three years old. They left her with only a memory and a promise that she had a great and terrible destiny.

Fifteen years later, Ziva discovers that destiny includes powers that she doesn’t understand and can barely control. Her magic attracts vicious, otherworldly monsters, and eventually compatriots to help her fight them. Sayer and Nasira know the secrets Ziva doesn’t; that Ziva is descended from Egyptian royalty and in possession of ancient magic passed down from the time of the gods. They promise to teach Ziva to control her magic and to give her the family she’s always yearned for.

But trouble is brewing in the world around them; darkness is descending on Hitler’s Germany, threatening World War II. As the last heir of a revered Egyptian queen, Ziva is the only one with the power to prevent another costly global conflict. As Ziva navigates her newfound abilities and makes a connection with Anubis and other Egyptian gods, the Nazis are hunting for the ultimate weapon, and Ziva has caught their interest.
Wardens of Eternity
  • Is written by Courtney Moulton, author of the acclaimed Angelfire series
  • Is an action-packed page-turner that blends history, mythology, and magic
  • Is a clean teen historical fantasy; perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and Kiersten White

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Wardens of Eternity by Courtney Allison Moulton
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)
As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

This was such an engaging novel and I can't wait to read more. If you love losing yourself in fantasy and diving head first into a story that center around mythology and history, then this is something you cannot miss. No, really, I'm going to insist you pick up a copy of Wardens of Eternity immediately--this book is for you.

When I first dove into Wardens of Eternity, I was immediately enthralled by it. Courtney Allison Moulton's prose is crisp and magical; appealing and fully engaging to her readers. She writes and you want to read more and more. Her use of mythology is sharp and magical, smartly weaving itself into the historical plotlines and gradually developing into the bigger picture. When we first meet our lead, Ziva, we are met with a young girl who has been let down in life--abandoned at a young age and left to live on her own as a child; Ziva is powerful in ways she doesn't quite understand and soon is thrust into a whole new world.

A world that was always there. A world that she never knew she was destined to be a part of. A world full of new dangers and realities. All just beyond the world she thought she knew. Moulton weaves her story together expertly, keeping up the pace and holding our attention with ease.

Wardens of Eternity bounces from plot to plot; trading between standard fantasy tropes and Egyptian mythology, richly drawn historical elements, and varied important topics that tie into Ziva's world as easily as our own.

In short? Wardens of Eternity has all the makings of a beloved novel--I was thoroughly intrigued by the use of mythology and the world in which Wardens of Eternity takes place, in a way that makes me hopeful for a sequel.

About the Author

Courtney Moulton was born in Texas and grew up in Michigan, where she spent a lifetime studying ancient civilizations and writing about magic and monsters. Her debut novel Angelfire was published when she was just 24 years old.

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