Bookish Discussion | Lowest Rated Books of the 2010s

7:30 AM

2020 is officially here. And with that decade, brings possibilities. I'm a bit behind on what I wanted to do as a celebration of the end of 2019, so this is up a bit later than I planned, but! I still wanted to post it. Because even though there were a ton of wonderful releases in the 2010s, there were some massive fumbles, too.

This topic is meant as something completely subjective to my taste--I am in no way dragging these novels, the authors, or their fans, they are merely the books that I rated lowest.

A few things to note before we dive in: 
  • These books aren't inherently bad. Just because I rated them lowest of all of my reads, doesn't mean they are bad. 
  • I'm trash and have trash favourites but these were not trash favourites for me. (Also, I USE TRASH AS A COMPLIMENT OKAY?) 
  • My life motto is that I read the cringy books so you don't have to. And cringy is subjective so like don't come at me. Ha! (I've never said come at me, bro, but I decided it was time to spice things up.) 
  • These are mostly 1 star ratings, but there may be a few 2 stars floating around. 

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