Entertaining, Dramatic and One of the Best Wattpad Novels | Review: She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo

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If you like dramatic love stories that originated on Wattpad, She's With Me is one of the best. Get ready to indulge.

by Jessica Cunsolo 

Jessica Cunsolo’s She’s with Me is a kaleidoscope of modern day teen romance, revenge thriller, and over-the-top excitement. It’s Mean Girls meets Gone Girl meets The Client, as the story twists and turns around its fierce female lead, leading to a heart-racing cliffhanger . . .

Telling the truth is sometimes harder than keeping a secret…

Standing out as the new girl is hard enough, but add in Amelia Collins’s dangerous past, and her life depends on sneaking through senior year unnoticed. But when she crashes into the school’s most infamous heartthrob, Aiden Parker, on her first day, she’s suddenly on everyone’s radar, and as Amelia becomes immersed in a new group of friends, keeping a low profile won’t be an option—even if it’s a necessity.

She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo 
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5) 

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

What can one say about this one? Purely entertaining. The type of story you can't put down, even if you find yourself wanting to. Novels that originate on Wattpad really know how to indulge us in the midst of teenage angst, drama and young love, don't they? She's With Me is superior compared to its peers.

In fact, it's right up there with Did I Mention I Love You? as one of the best YA romances from Wattpad to wander into traditionally published territory.She's With Me offers an intense combination of complex characters, melodramatic thrills and plot-twists and dramatic love stories. Ah, it was just deliciously wild.

If you are craving your next for pleasure/entertainment read, then look no further than this novel. I seriously had so much fun reading She's With Me and downed it like a delicious glass of sweet wine. It had just enough sweetness to mingle with its more biting, thrilling moments, and I really had a blast getting to know Amelia and Aiden.

All of the novel's high points are due entirely to Jessica Cunsolo's writing. She's With Me is a success because of the author's ability. Where many would stumble, Cunsolo does not. It is more than just averagely appealing--it is dangerously addictive and engaging. She's With Me is a definite read-in-one-sitting novel.

While readers will find tropes and archetypes featured within this story as familiar and overused, Cunsolo keeps us on our toes and demands our attention. She keeps the story moving at a fast pace and indulges us with every flicker of chemistry and suspense. Overall, I'm excited to see where Cunsolo goes in the future with this series. Colour me impressed--she actually made me enjoy a 'bully' romance.

(Which has not happened before, I don't think? I usually hate that trope. Like, a lot.)

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