Henry VIII... Modern-Day Womanizing Media Mogul? | Review: Wife After Wife by Olivia Hayfield

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Crank up the soundtrack to Six: the Musical! Wife After Wife is here and so much fun.


If Philippa Gregory and Jackie Collins went out for cocktails and wrote a book, they'd come back with Wife After Wife.

A wickedly entertaining and utterly absorbing modern take on the life and marriages of Henry VIII...if he were a twenty-first-century womanizing media mogul rather than the king of England.

Master of the universe Harry Rose is head of the Rose Corporation, number eighteen on the Forbes rich list, and recently married to wife number six. But in 2018, his perfect world is about to come crashing to the ground. His business is in the spotlight--and not in a good way--and his love life is under scrutiny. Because behind a glittering curtain of lavish parties, gorgeous homes, and a media empire is a tale worthy of any tabloid.

And Harry has a lot to account for.

Wife After Wife by Olivia Hayfield 
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.5) 

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Wife After Wife had me at its comparisons to Philippa Greggory and Jackie Collins.

It helped that I've been itching for more modernized versions of historical figures. After last year's YA novel The Dead Queens Club , another historical re-imagining, I've been craving some more fun novels like it. I've been craving that literary equivalent to bubbly wine on sunny days--and this is definitely up to the task. Think of this novel as The Tudors, with a new stylish flair.

Consider Wife After Wife your next creative and entertaining, full blown pleasure read. This was nothing short of entertainment that left me buzzing with energy.

Although comparable to historical fiction only in characters, therefore not necessarily serving up too many Philippa Greggory vibes, the comparison to Jackie Collins' work is very accurate. If you love Collins' brand of scandal, romance, and dishy drama, you're going to devour Wife After Wife similarly.

First things first: I'm totally here for the indulgent drama and the spin on history. Wife After Wife is a great example of this. Retellings are one particular brand of literary risks, but taking real life historical figures and retelling their stories in a modern setting is super risky. Every little risk that Olivia Hayfield takes is plain fun. This is very much so a novel that is destined to be read on the beach, best paired to the soundtrack of Six: the Musical.

If you're looking for something fresh and still familiar, this book is definitely for you! Trust me: you'll have a blast.

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