Instagram Wrap-Up: January-March, 2019

3:57 PM

January-March, 2019 told via Instagram posts.

Instagram is probably one of the only social media accounts I frequently stalk. I love all the pretty art and photography. I even, sometimes, love the obscene amounts of selfies people post. (This is not shade!) Could I survive without it? Obviously. Do I want to? *sniffles* NO.

I've had my account for so long--the other day, I was purging some of my older pictures (because, yikes) and realized I'd been on it a lot longer than I thought. I've gone through phases with it. It's primarily an outlet for bookish related photography attempts and a few personal things sprinkled in.

In the autumn, I decided I wanted to start making a bigger effort in exploring new places to take a few book related photos. I even redid my editing process (I still use VSCO, but I've made my own editing process quite differently and probably will again come summer) to try and spice things up.

You can follow me here. If you are interested.  

Finding an audience on Instagram is a lot harder than it used to be. My activity has grown on my part but really, everything else hasn't changed much in at least three or four years. I saw a little boost back in January, but that's faded off a bit as of lately. Still, gaining and losing doesn't take away the fun of looking and creating and exploring.

Because I've grown more active in my postings again, I wasn't sure when I wanted to do round ups or wrap ups or whatever you wish to call them. I don't have a schedule, really, and just post when I want to. I kind of hoard images and delay posting them. I was originally going to do a monthly wrap up for these posts but then January turned into March and now it's almost April.

Then, I thought, what about quarterly?

I decided to just do them when I can. And now, here we are. These are all the photos that I've posted on Instagram since the start of the year. Most of them are book related, others are of the personal variety.

Do you use Instagram? Who are some of your favourite Instagrammers?

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