Shadowhunters Recap: Alpha Maia Will Rise, Heidi Makes Her Move and Jonathan Gets Under Clary's Skin

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Shadowhunters Season 3, Episode 13: Maryse and Luke are TOTALLY not on a date. 

The first thing you should know about this episode is that it was one of the strongest of the season, solely because (a) reunions and (b) a lot of bookish moments sprinkled in--including one of the best Clace quotes. Also, it prominently featured Maia which is what the final half of this season has been sorely lacking.

And, okay, true, maybe I'm just being dramatic 'cos she wasn't in last weeks episode. But, ah, I'VE MISSED MY DARLING WEREWOLF LEGEND.

Anyways, as always the episode was very fast paced. I feel like it shares the same quality of True Blood in terms of its timeline/pacing and general addictiveness. I feel like I blink and, boom, episode is over and leaving me hanging off a GOD-DAMN-CLIFF! 

Fairly certain that Heidi knocked me off a cliff. I'd complain but, damn, she is delightfully wild and evil and I'm HONESTLY KIND OF HERE FOR IT?? Sorry. Not sorry.

This was basically me after the episode was done and I realized I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE WEEK FOR THE NEXT EPISODE AND WAS PHYSICALLY IN PAIN ABOUT IT:


Highlights of the episode: 

  • ALL the Clary and Jace moments. Ugh, I just love my kids. And this week was IT for them. By it, I mean *Let's Get It On begins to play* and all that JAZZ. I am so happy that they included a very popular book quote in this scene. Also, I found the entire thing just to be really well done. A lot of sex scenes feel over the top or just dumb/out of place in shows, but I think that Malec and Clace fans have really gotten lucky with how simple and intimate these moments are on Shadowhunters
  • The reunion scenes. I saw someone on Twitter mention that they cut a reunion scene between Magnus and Clary and that is SO disappointing. I love their friendship. Still, seeing Clary get to reunite with all of her family (why would I even call it friends, these people are her family) was great.
  • I find myself somewhere between sad and excited about this: Simon and Maia break up. In a way, I think the show did this pretty solidly. It's nowhere near as messy as the books, but I'm glad about that. Both of them seemed to handle the entire situation quite well. I'm sad, because I actually really really REALLY loved television!Simon/Maia A LOT. So, there is a huge part of me that is gutted by this even if I knew it was bound to happen. But, I'm even more excited because it means Sizzy is happening soon and hopefully, not long after, Maia and Bat will be getting together. 
  • Jordan is, possibly, gravely injured when the werewolves are attacked. I'm very sad and a bit nervous about this. When Jordan dies in the books, it's heartbreaking and isn't. I never could sort out my feelings towards him as a character. However, when I last reread The Mortal Instruments, I actually felt like it was a well written choice. If he dies next week, in a way, it is very similar to the books--but I hope he doesn't and they write in the actual scene. It doesn't feel right that Jordan is killed by Heidi's actions, not Jonathan's. Plus, I feel like we just didn't get to know Jordan well enough for his death to actually leave a lasting effect in the show.
  • Maia gaining steam as a probable ALPHA. I'm so excited for this. I've literally been waiting for months for this! My girl is just so badass and I think this plotline really has potential. I just wish we had more time to build onto it a bit more and then see where the path takes her. Alas, we're getting closer and closer to the official finale. My biggest wish-list for the rest of the series is more ALPHA!Maia, more Maia and Luke talks (Luke is such a father figure to Maia, Simon and Clary--like, he IS their father) and just more Maia in general. I'm curious to see her interacting more with the other Downworlders and the Shadowhunters. I wish they would just give her a spin-off already. On a different note, if Jordan dies, either in the next episode or by the end of the series like the books, it's going to really mess with her and this poor girl has already gone through so much. 
  • The pack's leader is dead, leaving in a massive opening for Maia to become the leader. Which is exciting.
  • HEIDI. I'm honestly glad she's back. She is definitely an older version of Book!Maureen (but a lot more upfront and smart about her schemes) and I'm feeling like she would have been the big bad of season four, had the show not been cancelled. It makes me mad because there is a lot of potential there. Every episode she's in, she's stirring up something and this week was no different. I mean... she's REALLY out there playing the Downworlder's against each other and it's fantastic. Delectably EVIL. I'm here for it. I feel like the best way to describe her brand of evil is, she is partly sympathetic in backstory but highly unhinged. I like her like I like (so much use of the word LIKE, damn) Maryann and Violet in True Blood. Fantastically bizarre villains who really know how to mess with you. 
  • Man, I'm proud of myself, but I CALLED IT months ago: Maryse and Luke are going to get together. I still wish they hadn't killed off Jocelyn in the show (oldmanshakesfistatcloud.jpg) but these two have a surprising about of chemistry. I just never expected the show would go this way, I guess, but it's one of those good surprises, like the bond between Isabelle and Raphael, or that surprise Jace/Maia hookup of season two. I'm still kind of giggling about Maia's SURE, JAN, look at Luke when he said he and Maryse were TOTALLY NOT ON A DATE. Like, oh my God, Maia, why would you even think that? *sweats profusely* Anyways, I just liked their scenes and the way they were working together in this episode. I'm excited to see where it goes. 
  • Jonathan really takes "I want to get under my sister's skin" quite literally. I mean, homeboy is out there CARVING I MISS YOU into his arm so that it pops up on her arm. That's some crazy dedication on his part. Afterglow is so last season, Clary. 
  • There's a great scene between Izzy and Alec, and also an interesting scene between Maryse, Izzy and Alec. I love the Lightwoods. 
Luke is everyone's father AND #1 Hype Man.

What I wish was included, or different, in this episode: 

  • More Malec.
  • More Malec.
  • More Sizzy.
  • Jonathan actually being around more. We should have at least seen more of what he was up to, you know? We're running low on time to wrap things up. 
  • More Malec.
  • More Isabelle. Okay, okay, there were some great Izzy scenes. I know. I just think they could have done more re: touching base on her this week. She did a pretty big thing to save Simon. It's weighty. I don't think it was handled poorly and obviously there is more to come before the series wraps up, I just think they should have gone more in depth with her.
  • More Malec.
  • More Lightwood sibling bonding. 


As you can see, my complaints were pretty minimal for this weeks episode. Now, is it time for episode 14 yet???

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