Review: The Stone's Heart by Jessica Thorne

6:30 AM

A worthy sequel.


Something evil is gathering power in the kingdom. It knows the secrets in your heart, and nobody is safe…

Petra Kel – young and headstrong – has been named General of the Queen’s Guard. But while Petra’s head may be in rebuilding the war-torn kingdom alongside her childhood friend Queen Belengaria, she left her heart miles away in their homeland, the day she turned her back on the only man she ever loved and fled.

But then Petra’s past – in the form of Bel’s roguish brother Zander – comes crashing in, just as rumours of dark magic begin to swirl at court. Petra can’t afford to be distracted… but the unfinished business between herself and Zander is like a vice upon her heart.

When evil takes hold of the kingdom and threatens Bel, Petra is forced to make the impossible choice between love and loyalty. And will the insidious magic of the Stone’s Heart reveal the heart-breaking reason why she left Zander behind all those years ago? 

Rating: ★★★★★ (4.5)
I was sent an eARC of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. This does not change my view in any shape or form.

If you think I'm feeling winded by so many great sequels this year, than you are absolutely correct. This year has been pretty awful in reality, but fiction's been serving us many treats. One of my most highly anticipated sequels, The Stone's Heart, was just as enthralling as its predecessor.

Wow. Just, wow. This wasn't what I expected in terms of sequels to The Queen's Wing but I'm glad it wasn't, because my imagination could never have done it justice. Nor can my review, but I am still going to try. If you haven't read The Queen's Wing yet, you should definitely get on that.


Lovers of fantasy and science fiction that is evenly sprinkled into romance will devour Thorne's completely captivating series. The creativity behind this world was evident in The Queen's Wing, and even moreso in The Stone's Heart. It is impossible to put down, heart pounding and both unique and familiar. Once you've picked it up, you're unlikely to put it down or forget it.

The Stone's Heart introduces a newer voice to the spotlight and at first, I wondered if I'd like this. I was quite attached to Bel's narration in The Queen's Wing, but thankfully she is still one of the two main narrators. I don't think the story, or series, would be what it is without her. Not that Petra isn't compelling in her narration: she is. For me, the weight of the series, the heart of the series, lay with Bel.

Ultimately, the second half of this book is the superior half. If you were accustomed to the high pace throughout The Queen's Wing, the second half of The Stone's Heart will be worth any issues you may have in the first. While I wondered if I'd have issues reading more than just Bel's POV as a main arch, I actually found myself loving Petra's narration most of all this time around.

Plus, HER MAIN ROMANCE. Phew. I'm obsessed.

To avoid spoilers, I will subtly highlight a few things: there are plenty of swoon worthy moments and action packed scenes in The Stone's Heart. There are a lot of political elements for this world and you may want to do a refresher of book one before picking it up, as there are many of essential things you'll want to have in your mind whilst reading it.

This book will knock you out and then lift you so high, you'll feel as though you are in space. (Find the joke.) You simply cannot miss this book and, if you haven't given the series a chance yet: now is your chance.

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