Smooth, Minimalist Poetry with a Kick | Review: Poems for the Moon: Vol 1 by J.R. Rogue

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As with most forms of modern poetry, Poems for the Moon may not be for everybody. But, for me, it was enjoyable.

Poems for the Moon, Vol 1
 by J.R. Rogue

Can we, for tonight,

just be the moon?

Curve into me like that 
grin in the sky.

Press your heart into my back.

Let me forget my own.

Letters To The Moon is a short series of personal, custom poems written for fans of J.R. Rogue's writing.

Poems for the Moon: Vol 1 by J.R. Rogue
Rating: ★★★★☆

Although you don't need to familiarize yourself with J.R. Rogue's prior releases, it is most certainly helpful when it comes to the customized poems within Poems for the Moon. Minimalist poetry can often pack a serious punch--in the case of J.R. Rogue, this is 100% accurate and achingly so. It is nothing short of talented, in my eyes, to weave such few words but still have a profoundly intimate effect on the right readers.

Rogue, of course, captures that immediately. While Poems for the Moon is easy-breezy in terms of simplicity and length, it never fails to ignite a series of intimate emotions in the readers who can connect and identify with it. Rogue is proof that, sometimes, emotions are highly complex and full of intensity--and sometimes, despite this, they can be brought to life with few words.

While Poems for the Moon remains moving, to me, like all forms of art it is entirely subjective to the person. If you don't like Rogue's prior releases, or modern poetry, you may not feel the same build of intensity and connection that others do.

Truly, Poems for the Moon feels like a direct nod to Rogue's longtime fans. It will sing to them. It will be further bind Rogue's fans into her prose.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Poems for the Moon. Not only did I devour it in record time, I found myself highlighting many passages as though Rogue's words were my own.

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