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88x50 88x50: A Memoir of Sexual Discovery, Modern Music, and the United States of America by Adam Tendler | Rating: ★★★★★

I received a signed copy of this novel during a contest on Goodreads and had the pleasure of also receiving an amazing little card from Mr. Tendler with Beyonce on the cover which frankly made my day. Typically, I don’t read many memoirs and when I do, I tend to flock to ones written that I could relate to on certain levels and this was definitely one of those.

(I’m a 20-something flute player and singer who had previously danced around being ‘bisexual’ and never admitted it outside her mind. So on many levels it was important to read this and often felt a personal connection to his thoughts.)

It’s very, very important to note that Adam Tendler is an extremely talented and thoughtful man. He is an incredible musician (honestly — you guys must check him out. His webpage has performance audio and it’s a must listen!) and he certainly has a knack for writing clear memories that maintain something special. His writing, his story, has heart.

And he’s even provided us with notes within the book that will direct us to various songs performed as well as photos of his travels, which makes reading his story all the more enjoyable.

As he begins his tour, you’ll root for his success. For the longest time, he didn’t quite believe in himself no matter who sent him their compliments. Which is something everyone, musician or not, can relate to. You’ll begin to crave that adventure in touring the United States and begin to believe that you, too, can set out to accomplish something similar.

It’s nearly impossible to not relate to his thoughts, his insecurities, and by the end of his memoir, you’re going to find yourself loving him. And because of his ability to express these memories on paper for us to read, you’ll feel as though you’ve come to know him on some personal level that many authors struggle with while penning their novels. Most importantly, by the time he finishes his tour, you’ll feel pride in him. Pride in him finishing his tour, pride in him for his growth as a person and pride in him for sharing this gift of music with people who perhaps had not known about the songs he’d shared before seeing him.

Adam Tendler tells us a story that is desperately needed within the literature world and I do hope for his success to elevate; that his book gets the recognition it deserves. Because truly, stories like his are important. He is an important, genuine voice that needs to be heard.

It sparked something in me that was needed and I’m sure that the more people who see it, the more it will do the same. It inspired me to keep trying with my music, to not give up on it.

Because of all he expresses in 88x50, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing in life, this will stir something in you. Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or college or are at another crossroads in your life, this book is something you can’t miss. 88x50 is surely being added to my list of favorite books this year and I hope you guys find the same pleasure in reading it that I did.

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