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since forever ago Since Forever Ago by Olivia Besse | Rating: ★★★★☆

Since Forever Ago is nothing new in terms of plot yet it still is quite enjoyable. I’ve seen a bunch of negativity regarding how each of the characters act throughout the story. I.E: readers distaste for their immaturity or the frequent cursing and offensive things said. But I have one thing to say to them: have you MET a majority of the population of 20 somethings? I mean really.

I rather thought the characteristics and habits of each thing that came from certain characters was very realistic. I could see a lot of relatable qualities — both good and bad — in them and I find it rather sad that people aren’t really getting that.

But that’s rather typical, isn’t it? And that’s okay — it isn’t their cup of tea. Not everything will be.

Moving on. I found at times I was wishing there was a bit more to the story and wished for more narration or a bit of a change in pace when it came down to the plot. Although there were times when it went too quickly and left me wondering how certain things happened, what other things happened within the minds of the characters, the writing wasn’t terrible. And I can see Olivia Besse growing from this point on in terms of her stories; I look forward to hearing more from her.

There are going to be times when you want to yell at Riley for being unable to truly make up her mind but there are also moments you love her and her comical way of thinking and talking. She is very much so a good representation of a young woman who, after being in a relationship for so long, is just trying to move on and find things out in her life. And she really did deserve the happy ending that many stories fail to bring, but this did not fail.

(That’s a bit of a spoiler, isn’t it? I’m sorry!)

We get to meet a wide variety of characteristics who are often as unlikeable as they are loveable and that’s something I really enjoyed about the novel. Each of the characters had a fun way to brighten up our story (Riley’s best friends and of course Max and his friends) and then there were the characters you wanted to freaking claw their eyes out. Much like Riley’s douche canoe of an ex boyfriend, Noah.

God, I hated his character so much.

Then there’s Max. He was a pleasant surprise — we’ve all heard the story before; best friend falls in love with their best friend who happens to be their other best friends significant other (say that ten times fast!) and chaos and confusion ensues. Both he and Riley make many mistakes throughout the novel but I genuinely felt that the two were great for each other and can work through anything life throws at them.

Afterall, some of the best relationships grow from friendship. And those relationships are the ones that are the best for you.

Romance: on point. Definitely on point. As Riley grows to realize her feelings for Max and when they finally get together, it is magical. Perfection for romance fans and I’d recommend this novel with a nice drink, some sunshine and you’ll have the perfect summer formula for yourself. So go on, get on reading this and decide for yourself. Just don’t let the language get in your way and take this for what it is: a fun, romance novel that is light and enjoyable.

Embrace the genre.

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