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minerva day Minerva Day by Christie Keele | Rating: ★★★☆☆

From 2014. This book was won via Goodreads First Read Program. This in no way effects my review or alters my opinions on the novel at hand. Minerva Day is the perfect example of a book that deserves more hype than it's given. It's a real page turner with many twists and turns that you never know quite what to think, what's really happened and what direction you'll be pulled in next. It's chilling, it's haunting and it really, really keeps you intrigued as you try to navigate the minds of its character.

With its touchy subject matter to the excellent writing featured inside, there simply isn't enough said about the novel. While it has its flaws and won't be for everyone, it's truly an excellent read for those who enjoy darkness and mystery and all the baggage that comes with such stories. It captures a creepy tone perfectly and keeps you interested with its twists and turns and how the story plays out keeps you reading until it ends.

Minerva is fuzzy on two major tragic events in her life, due to her struggle with mental illness: her husbands death, four years ago, and her grandson's disappearance while they were at a carnival. It's an unforgettable ride and there's not much I can add to my review without revealing too much. But what will you learn by stories end...

I can't tell you. I won't lie to yourself and say you aren't left feeling you wanted more from it. I am not going to lie and say that this novel will connect with you or make you feel good. It's purpose is not to make you happy, it's purpose is to intrigue you and bring you into the thick of it all, through the haze that is mental illness and memory and tragedy. It captures the trickiness of it all perfectly and I wanted more.

That being said, it's a great addition to anyone's library who likes thrills and chills and mysteries and diving deep into the mind of someone so unlike yourself. Minerva Day perfectly captures the darkness of it all through rich writing that leaves a mark on you for days after finishing.

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