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day 21 Day 21 (The Hundred #2) by Kass Morgan | Rating: ★★★☆☆

The sequel to The 100 is nearly here (out September 16th!) and I’ve had the privilege of reading it already, an eGalley provided by NetGalley. Thanks, guys! And guess what? It is MUCH better than the first of the series. I’ll tell you guys one thing: I think this book series is shaping up to be much better than the start let on — and I, for one, can’t wait!

I know you can’t, either.

That being said: Day 21 picks up right where we had left off in the previous installment and continues rotation in the different point of views. This time around, the transition seems much smoother as we move through the suspense within each plot and we’re introduced to a few new characters, or at least shown the names of some of the others who came down to earth.

Yes, Kass Morgan has seemed to get right into the groove — truly — in the latest chapter of this story of survival.

Bellamy and Clarke shippers, rejoice! This novel has quite a few moments for the two of them as they enter a bit of a journey together at the start of the novel and continue on. Although their relationship is rushed and at times drama threatens to come between them as they fall for one another, there are many fans who will be pleased to see whether or not these two will get together or not. In all truth, their relationship is nice to read and perfect for the target age group, but there a lot of flaws within their development that many people will be less than pleased to read.

RE: a flashback Clarke has. And it’s not pretty as it shows more of those experiments that her parents had worked on. Gross.

As for any Wells and Clarke shippers: Wells does find himself interested in somebody. I won’t spoil who, but get ready for this. Does this mean the two are officially done with one another? Or can their relationship eventually be salvaged? Can they try their hand at being friends?

And much like the last book, we see life back on The Ark through Glass. I didn’t dislike her in the last book — but this one, I saw in her what everyone else has been saying all along. Although she had one good plot in this; she’s virtually useless to the story except in the times of giving us a view of life back in space as things decline.

There’s very little growth in her and I just felt like snoozing every time I landed on one of her chapters. Which is a shame, since I really didn’t mind her previously and had found her and Luke to be quite adorable/interesting. What a waste of a couple of potentially interesting characters, if I’m being honest.

Good news! We’re introduced to information of life that remains on earth. Octavia is still missing, unfortunately, when our story opens and we soon discover she has been taken in by Earthborn’s. I know what you’re thinking: joy. I’m not sure how I feel about the plot that follows, involving a girl from earth named Sasha, but I do think it spices things up in the book series and brings on the suspense that is featured in the adaption.

Although it is a bit lackluster and vague, this plot (among the others) is definitely an upgrade from where we left off. I’d love, love, love to hear more details on the nuclear war, what’s left of the earth and where the 100 learned their skills for survival. My only complaint about this series, this addition, is that we’re (once again) expected to know/understand certain details without them ever being explained. It gets a bit exhausting because the series has so much potential but wastes so much of it.

Back in space we see a contrast between the way these people fight to survive and the way it’s done on earth, and it gets a little messy.

Overall, I am much more pleased with this book than the first in the series. We see a lot more connections in what ties the plots together between the book and television series and are left with quite a few questions. There’s romance, thrills, mysteries and the lovely sibling bond between Octavia/Bellamy.

And guess who’s coming back to earth?

I bet you can guess.

Day 21 is perfect for light reading and if you watch the show, this installment will be just the right thing for you. Although the two series don’t often parallel one another, this one has a similar vibe to it when compared to the television series. Plus, we never know what plots from it could make it to the show…

Or what have.

Happy reading!

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