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ss Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper | Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Surely by now my followers realize that my number one literature weakness always, always has involved witches. And that is what sparked my desire to read Salt & Storm, a historical fiction novel that centers around, well, a witch.

See, my problem with this novel is it felt lackluster compared to others that I have read. Which is unfortunate to me because it has a promising plot, good characters and an incredibly lovely cover design. So, what went wrong?

I’m not quite sure, but the novel failed to hold my attention — or even really capture it. Disappointing, really, because although the story was something that began to drag on for me, I really did appreciate the characters.

Maybe I’ll give it a go again in the future. Perhaps my mood and heart simply weren’t in it when I opened this story, but right now I can’t even properly write a good review on it. But here’s the thing, guys: I don’t want you to take my opinion into consideration on this.

  1. The characters. Although I’m not a fan of the novel thus far, the characters could be its saving grace for you.
  2. The writing. I cannot stress this enough: the writing isn’t bad.
  3. My personal opinions shouldn’t effect yours. Who knows, right? You could pick it up and think “Jessica’s a bloody fool, this is great!” and suddenly you could have a new favorite book.
I know that many readers will like the historical background as well as this take on witchcraft and those who posses it. It is unique, on some levels, and familiar on others. I think that perhaps a younger crowd who enjoy reading about witches will devour it almost instantly.

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