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rosa Our Auntie Rosa: Remembering the Life and Lessons of the Real Rosa Parks by Sheila McCauley Keys | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

“She was there, encouraging and helping us throughout our lives. To the world, she is Rosa Parks, but to us, she was simply and wonderfully ‘Auntie Rosa.’”

As a note, this novel was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for a review. This does not effect my opinions in any way.

Our Auntie Rosa is a the phenomenal, raw and real glimpse into who Rosa Parks was outside of the history she'd helped make. We all know the story, the delightfully brave story of the woman who helped fight for freedom and justice and sparked a rise in the struggle for equality. Rosa Parks was a fighter, a wonderful woman who helped shape history as we know it and is truly an inspiration for everyone. We know well of her tales, her story, from history classes, but there was so much more to her memory than we know.

Inside Our Auntie Rosa, we catch ourselves a glimpse into the intimate life of Rosa and her family. Family members share with us pictures and memories that we otherwise couldn't have known, and it's truly a beautiful thing. Each story, each memory, is so vivid that it leaves us with a better knowledge of who Rosa Parks was. Her strength, her intelligence, the way she lived is truly an inspiration that will leave an even bigger mark on you.

This novel brings Rosa Parks out of the pages of history and into our hearts as if we knew her. We've always known that she was real and she was here and that she left behind a remarkable legacy, but Our Auntie Rosa brings her to life in a vivid manner we hadn't previously seen.

Each story is told to us by Rosa's nieces and nephews; providing this incredible view of such a wonderful spirit. We see her in these memories full of life, warmth and it's obvious to see how much she cared for her family; how much they cared for her. She was only human, but this book makes it even more apparent that she truly was, and always will be, an extraordinary gift to this world. Rosa, in these memories and all tales we'd already known of her, was capable of expressing herself in a manner that made everyone feel.

This woman made history when she refused to give up that bus seat, inspiring countless people along the way. This story will only further her place in history and inspire more. Anyone who wishes to know more about Rosa, this book is well worth the purchase and will fill your heart with such joy.

It's a brilliant addition to anyone's library, but in particular those who are interested in the history of this woman. Our Auntie Rosa is one of the best releases of 2015 and should be at the top of your list to check out. You cannot miss this one.

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