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Look at this cute little gem of a package that arrived on Monday! Is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I can't stop starring at it. There's so much pretty pink my neighbors were all incredibly jealous of how cute it looked sitting outside. It's not everyday you see a hot pink package delivered! I, for one, was PUMPED before I even opened it.

You can't really see it in my photo, because my phone is getting REALLY old so the quality is rubbish, but the chalk that was sent with it is such a blast of sparkle and colour. I'm honestly drooling over some chalk. I'm actually a child. A big, drooling child masquerading as an adult. Back on track, Jessica. Back. On. Track.

Phew! Here we go. It's going to be quite fun to go around and decorate sidewalks with quotes and such in promotion for this books upcoming release. And let me tell you guys this: there are a TON of fantastic quotes which will be used. I've already seen some people using their chalk to promote it via Instagram and woo-wee, they're blowing my mind!

I'm sensing some awesome sidewalk art coming your way (via my Instagram) and, perhaps, a giveaway of "City Love" which is of course by the beautiful and talented Susane Colasanti! My dear friend, who recently graduated from art school, will be joining in and helping me decorate the sidewalks given that my idea of art is a stick figure holding a balloon. Hey, what can I say!? I'm a musician, not an artist. And this lovely, clever way of promotion deserves the very best, don't you think?

City Love is out on on April 21st 2015 and promises to be a sweet read. I know I can't wait to dig into this little beauty -- what about you? I mean just look at it:

If you have had the pleasure of reading City Love already, what did you think? Let me know what you think! And those who haven't read it, don't forget to go out and buy your copy upon its release!

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