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the book of spells The Book of Spells by Kate Brian | Rating: ★★★★☆

"Charming girls. Fine breeding. Perfect manners. Black magic."

I’ll start my review by saying this: when I first began to really, really explore reading there were two sorts of things I’d look for in my reading material. Shallow, easy-breezy plots that you could gossip with friends about (see: The Clique, Gossip Girl, The A-List, The Insiders, The Au Pairs, Private, Pretty Little Liars… Get the point?) or, well, witches. And while this novel is enjoyable, I think I’d have much preferred it when I was in my early teens.

Private has always been one of my favorite young adult book series’, especially when looking for some light reading. In fact, Kate Brian’s books have frequented my shelves since I began purchases more and more books for my self. For me, her writing style was always much better than some of the others in her genre and the mystery surrounding plots in Private was always well thought out and just that right level of soapy drama.

Not to mention her characters are often well developed and fascinating. Even if they end up being totally crazy.

So when I caught wind of the path she’d taken in the series, I was intrigued! Witches and Billings Girls?

Be still my heart!

Our novel starts in 1915 and we meet several young ladies we’ve heard of periodically in Private. My biggest problem with the novel was that the dialogue often didn’t feel right within the setting. But, I tried not to dwell on it seeing as the novel as a whole was actually quite entertaining and spooky.

Characters in it are just as colourful as you’d come to expect from Kate Brian and the genre itself. You may find yourself loving them or wanting to shake them. And as they explore the world of witchcraft, you find yourself investing in the mystery of the novel as well as the well-being of each girl.

If you’re all for something light with a hint of witchcraft, this novel is for you. You’ll have fun discovering this part of Private’s history and it’s a great addition to your library.

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