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Say hello to the new queen of romance novels. Kendall Ryan is back with her newest novel, Torrid Little Affair, and it's blossoming with just as much heat as you'd expect. I'm beyond thrilled to be participating in the tour promoting Torrid Little Affair, as it's no secret that I am utterly obsessed with her Forbidden Desires series.

To learn more about the novel, the author and the series follow the cut! You'll find my review of Torrid Little Affair and all the dirty details.

REVIEW ★★★★★ 
If you're looking for a steamy romance that'll hook you from the very start, Kendall Ryan is the girl for you. As part of the Forbidden Desires series, Torrid Little Affair had a lot to live up to but was more than up for the task. The first thing that has to be said is that Kendall Ryan just keeps getting better and Torrid Little Affair is, perhaps, her best release yet. Get ready to fall further in love with Cooper Kingsley--the beloved younger brother to Gavin Kingsley.

From the very beginning of Dirty Little Secret, I fell in love with the character of Cooper Kingsley. He is dashing, kindhearted and smoking hot. Whereas his brother is cool and composed, Cooper is quite keen on wearing his heart on his sleeve and is, ultimately, the dreamiest book boyfriend you will ever meet. You are charmed by him. You feel the heat flooding your cheeks. You long for him, just as other characters do.

Throughout the series so far, Cooper has been featured heavily in all three of the books. While you can read this book before the first two, it's highly recommended that you dive into all of them in order. Cooper has a lot of history and backstory that defines the beginning of Torrid Little Affair.

Originally introduced as a possible love interest for Emma Bell, Torrid Little Affair gives readers the satisfaction of seeing through his eyes further. Nursing a broken heart, Cooper has strayed from his upfront, dependable image and stranded himself in a world of bitterness over heartbreak. We all have to come down to earth eventually and resume life as we know it, though. Of course, this only means one thing--kick-ass growth and the journey to finding himself once again.

As well as, you guessed it, love. Despite the fact that this is a love story, there's so many other themes in the book that are prominent. Including trust and sacrifice and finding your way back to who you once were whilst growing into who you were meant to be. And who you were meant to be with.

Enter, Corrine. Beautiful, warm and selfless--she is everything you will desire out of a leading lady and more. I love a good character with intrigue and heart; Corrine is one of those characters you will always want to root for. She deserves happiness more than you can imagine. Her backstory is rough and I like that through this, it connects her and Cooper on a more intimate level than their sexual chemistry does.

I've never really been interested in the office-romance trope. Then again, I've never been explicitly interested in romance novels until recently. Kendall Ryan handles the tension beautifully, building onto the tension instantly but still allowing Cooper and Corrine to have that delectable slow-burn relationship readers will adore.

Beyond this, there's just so much heart and soul to their story. And of course, heat. Their attraction is magnetic, their love genuine and pure, their love scenes and personal history raw and complex. If I could dream up the perfectly enticing romantic tale, Torrid Little Affair would be it.

Of all the Kendall Ryan novels I've read as of late, Torrid Little Affair is by far my favourite. It has all a girl could need from a good romance, you'll want nothing more but to curl up by the fire and have a glass of wine. You'll devour it so quickly, you'll feel winded and pleased.

Welcome to your next obsession.

Welcome to the "I heart Cooper Kingsley" squad.

Torrid Little Affair is heart-pounding romance at its finest--impossible to ignore and impossible to forget.


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