Review: Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

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Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan | Rating: ★★★★★

(Clears throat) My name is Jessica and I'm officially a Kendall Ryan addict. Someone should have warned me her books were so delicious and addictive because damn, I have burned through so many in just a few months. She is definitely in a league of her own when it comes to the genre because she is THE best. Hands down, one of the best romance writers of our day.

Just as easily as her prose can move you, all those steamy interactions her character's have with their love interests will send you into a frenzy. I may sound dramatic when I say this but, phew, I need a cold shower after finishing Filthy Beautiful Lies. Kendall Ryan proves once more that not only can she execute a story in both teasing and satisfying ways, her characters command your attention from the start and never let you leave them behind.

There are three impossibilities in this book. One, Filthy Beautiful Lies is impossible to put down. Two, Sophie and Colton's chemistry is hot and impossible to ignore. Three, it is impossible to forget. Kendall Ryan knows how to tug on your heartstrings and have you swooning over this unconventional love story. Reading Filthy Beautiful Lies is like feeling that buzz of life, love and lust at your fingertips.

I had a feeling I would enjoy the novel but, strangely enough, I was a bit hesitant towards it. I bought it (and yes, fine, basically all of her books) after finishing her newest series Forbidden Desires but I had myself convinced, for some mundane reason, that it would be nowhere near as good as Dirty Little Secret.

I know better, now.

I was young then.


Ahem, but really though--there's something spellbinding about Filthy Beautiful Lies.

Now, I can definitely acknowledge that this book won't be for everyone. Before I dive into my love of it (I'm not drooling over Colton Drake, what are you talking about?) there is one things a reader should be aware of about Filthy Beautiful Lies. This fact is glaringly obvious, as it is stated within the blurb for the novel, but, Sophie and Colton meets in the most unconventional of ways. Sophie, in an effort to pay for her deathly ill twin-sisters cancer treatments, throws herself into an auction... for her virginity.

Yes, yes. That is where it all begins. This isn't all that uncommon of a practice, women selling their virginity. For some, it's about control. For Sophie, it's a last-ditch effort to save her sister, her best friend. Colton has a past of his own that lead him to the fateful night in question. Naturally, Colton Drake won the bidding and suddenly Sophie finds herself in one massively erotic scenario. Filthy Beautiful Lies may have begun in strange circumstances but the way that Kendall Ryan weaves a new kind of intimacy together is stunning.

Not a single page goes by that you aren't absorbing their interactions, their chemistry, the almost tentative way they explore this "relationship" they find themselves in. I loved how unexpected it became when they both realized that there was something more there than either had been looking for. While Sophie is learning the word of her body, Colton is learning how to open himself up again and finally move forward from his past.

Colton and Sophie are both irresistible together and apart. They share a connection that is easy for readers to swoon over. Further, Kendall Ryan molds them into two very complex individuals. While sex is a massive part to Filthy Beautiful Lies, I enjoyed the pacing and how their actions progressed with one another and how in control they both were of where they wanted to go.

Every page is a new beginning and spark to what is burning between them.

There are some solid side characters as well--Sophie's twin sister, Becca, Colton's two brothers Pace and Collins, Marta, Kylie and so-on. While Colton and Sophie's peculiar relationship takes the main stage, there are other details sprinkled in to keep things fresh. I adored the relationships between Sophie and Becca and of course the bond that the Drake Brothers seem to share. I'm excited to get to know all of them.

Overall, if you're looking for a steamy and enthralling romance that strays from the ordinary, Filthy Beautiful Lies is the perfect novel for you. Once again, Kendall Ryan keeps her readers on their toes and writes for the romantic in us, providing us love that is both sexy and smart.

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