Shadowhunters Recap: Alec Wants to Grow Old With Magnus, Clary Struggles Against the Connection to Her Brother and Lilith is Summoned

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Domestic Malec continues to rise, if only in our Magnus' dreams
Shadowhunters: 3x16.

Last week, we saw the after effects of Magnus having magic again. His body is now fully rejecting Lorenzo's magic. This week, we see more on the effects this has on his body, as well as the lasting it effect it has left on his mind, re: losing his magic.

I'd like to pretend this week is Worldwide Malec Week because (1) Shadowhunters and (2) Red Scrolls of Magic is coming early next week.  

C'mon, it may as well be Malec week, this week and next.

Not that any other week isn't Malec week.

Back to the episode and how it opens. Magnus is dreaming of him and Alec dancing. It is that kind of scene that makes viewers ache with emotion, because we feel what these characters feel. Passed out, farther and farther away from what makes him Magnus Bane, it seems his mind has gone to a happier place.

We see that Magnus is in danger, and his only dream is dancing with the love of his life. No matter what comes their way, these two are each others world. They are each other's home.


This week, they take the spotlight fully in terms of shippy moments. Alec at Magnus' bedside, not sure if Magnus can hear him, and there's something so deeply emotion in the way that this scene plays out. Matthew Daddario delivers every bit of heart and soul that makes the Malec love story so poignant.

This episode is Alec Lightwood at his finest. This is all I ever wanted in their on screen portrayals of The Mortal Instruments characters.

When Magnus wakes, there's heartbreak all over the place. We get some tender scenes between him and Alec. At the same time, Magnus struggles and is in denial about his body rejecting Lorenzo's magic. It's sad. This half of the season has been extra hard on Magnus Bane and, while it's given us some wonderful scenes in between it's still not fun watching your favourite character suffer.

As for Lorenzo: 

Lorenzo Rey continues being, well, Lorenzo Rey. Which is INSUFFERABLE but STYLISH and so, so intriguing. How can a character frustrate me yet still be a highlight? Who knows. Anything that gives Javier Muñoz more screen time and gives us gems of Alec telling the world just how much Magnus means to him can gladly stay on air for all time.

As for Jonathan, well, he's still Jonathan. On a trip to the Seelie Court, the Queen slips into something more comfortable--yet another new face and casting shake up--and, well, something is brewing there. Book fans have a pretty decent idea of where this could go. An alliance is born, but at what cost?

All my ships are setting sail:

Clace is out there being THAT powerful OTP we've come to know and love over the last decade of literature, film and television. No matter the form, these two are powerful apart--but their love makes them all the more strong together.


But in all that is their great love, the more angst threatens to tear them apart. Even if it's not inherently addressed, there's this tension in every scene for us as an audience, wondering if any moment will be the last moment before Jonathan's hold on Clary tightens.

Still, the Clace is on point. Throughout the episode, they have a lot of wonderful ship moments. Plus, I love the lighting in the above mentioned scene--that light above Clary looking like a halo. Was that intentional?

In a last ditch effort, Clary looks for help from Lilith. After all, she is the only one who knows what is going on with the rune connecting Clary and Jonathan--and how to end it. Still, summoning her has its risks.

Simon and Isabelle continue teaming up, to try and persuade Cain into joining their cause. Someone has to be there to help keep Lilith in line, if they do summon her, and since Simon no longer has his mark... why not get Cain in on it?

On their way there, Simon and Isabelle have their own little bonding session. Including Simon saying no more rats, which gives me some serious book feelings over a certain time in City of Bones. I wish we had more time to develop them further, but I'm grateful we're seeing more of them in this final act.

They have this beautiful friendship that has developed since the series started and I love how they've been growing. Pinky swear, it's one of the cutest moments in the series. They promise to be single for life. We all know where this is going, right? I love them. Dorks. Complete DORKS. 


I was in awe during one other Simon and Isabelle scene in particular--Jonathan arrives, all hell breaks loose, and Izzy is in danger. Simon, naturally, goes in for the kill (or, er, injury) at Jonathan going after Isabelle. The love story is developing. I wonder what is going to bloom next episode in the aftermath of all of this.

Ship question: what is the name for Maryse and Luke? I've not figured it out yet but they are filling in my Jocelyn/Luke shaped hole-in-my-heart and I love them for it. They add something super sweet to the series. I still miss Jocelyn and Luke's relationship and feel like killing her off was unnecessary, but, Luke deserves to be happy, and I think that both he and Maryse need each other.

Maryse visits Luke in jail and there's a sweet moment between the two before Luke tells her he doesn't want her to visit him anymore. Obviously, he is doing this to protect her and allow her the chance to keep moving forward in life.

Fortunately for us, the episode nears its end on a high note. A classic Shadowhunter fight (beautiful in its choreography as always) that nearly brings an end to many of our favourites and one little rune that sends Jonathan away. Nice. Luke's time in jail is interrupted by a mysterious visitor, someone from the Praetor Lupus and a promise that his name has been cleared.

With Luke's record clean, he is now in debt to them.

Oh, and did I mention? Alec is proposing to Magnus. Next week.


Other little things I liked this week:
  • Maryse has found her own little happy place in the world. She is finally starting a new life. I never thought I'd love her like I do in the show, but I genuinely love her. She's a great character. I love how happy she is for Alec and Magnus and how much more supportive she's become throughout the series run. Mama Lightwood is basically #1 Malec stan at this point. Her reaction to Alec planning to propose is THE ENTIRE FANDOM.
  • Simon and Clary's friendship being back. Well. Kind of. A little. Sure, Clary (by Jonathan's influence) said something hurtful to Simon, but that's nothing. It stung, that much was obvious, but, he knows it wasn't what it seemed. Their friendship has always been stronger than that and, like they've both said: they're a package deal
  • On the topic of friendships, I loved seeing a glimpse of that awkward friendship between Jace and Simon. Simon saying something pretty simple, and doing something dorky, only to get THE LOOK from Jace. The, oh-my-god, why? expression. It's a classic book move, really. 
  • Lilith manipulating Cain. It was a very tense moment that was both expected and unexpected. I have a ton of questions about her and what happens next. I'm still a little shook from Cain being in the show, so, I'm excited to see what happens in the coming episodes. 
  • Jonathan vs. Jace. A tale of two fighting Jonathans.

Some things I didn't like: 

  • Not enough Maia. One brief mention? No, thanks. Seriously, though. I have a question for you: WHERE'S MY WEREWOLF QUEEN AT? Ugh. 
  • None of the villains are uninteresting, exactly, I just miss that kick of horrendous mischief that came along with Heidi and her being dead is really, really felt. Even if it's not mentioned. See, Jonathan and Lilith are great on their own scales, but I really miss that wild and crazy feeling that came with Heidi. She was classic in an unhinged way and I'm bummed that they killed her off so soon.
  • The episode showed spectacularly little of the Seelie Court and Edom, even though we were in both periodically. 

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