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Almost done with playing catch up. In the meantime? If you like crime novels drenched in mysteries and sprinkled with intense romance, you should definitely check out the Sinful Surrender quartet. Like... now?

by Katherine Hawthorne 

Xander was my heaven, filling me with life.

After surviving my worst nightmare, Xander proved to be my hero once again, shielding me the best he could. Our peace is cut short, brutally destroyed when a vicious killer strikes too close to home, revealing devastating secrets that should have remained forever buried.

Sin was my hell, his desertion complete.

Cutting me out of his life with the cruelest words possible, Sin left me broken, my heart shattered in pieces. After weeks without him, his unexpected reappearance catapults me into a tailspin, torn between the fierce desire that never seems to diminish and my inability to trust him again.

I still wanted both but could only have one.

Ultimately, finding justice had destroyed us all, inciting a violent war in which there could be no winner. Two men, one accused of murder, the other seeming just as guilty, both withholding the truth. Caught between them, I was forced to choose, a heartbreaking decision that, in the end, was sure to ruin me. 

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Scandalous by Katherine Hawthorne 
Rating: ★★★★☆

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Vicious crimes, betrayal, heroism, romance and questions can be found in Scandalous. This was everything I wanted from the series and then some. Purely indulgent and mysterious, I found I had flown through this installment quickly. Maybe too quickly. But! Who can resist when it comes to Katherine Hawthorne's intriguing series?

After the conclusion of the previous book, readers were left wondering where the series could go next. Answers lead to more questions and possibilities were endless. Like most stories that center around detectives and crimes, layers fold back slowly but surely. Hawthorne knows how to leave her readers wanting more and portrays the central mysteries in a way that is unexpected and utterly engrossing. While the covers and synopsis screams erotic romance, this series is much more than what outsiders might expect.

Belle, Xander and Sin return in this dazzling, erotic and explosive installment of the Sinful Surrender quartet. Armed with their steamy, polyamorous romance, and a gripping series of crimes at the center, and the ever-lingering danger that is their world and jobs, Scandalous will leave readers flipping through its pages until its very end. I felt like there was something very well put together about this story--the emotions, the mystery, the dangers and the risk taking. It was at an all time high.

Once more, the romance remains an intriguing force to the story; the shining star of this quartet is the bigger picture. It is the crime and the mystery as it unfolds that really keeps the readers in full attention. This installment relies on some good old detective work, questions of those you love's innocence or involvement, another murder mystery at its core, and plenty of lies. The story is propelled further by Belle's feelings of being left in the dark, jealousy and lies.

Scandalous is an achingly suspenseful installment to the series and perhaps one of the best ones yet. Hawthorne is in her element with this one. I adored it. 

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