Intense and Beautifully Written Historical Fiction | Review: Remembered by Yvonne Battle-Felton

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We've still got a way to go re: diversity in literature, but I'm so glad to see books such as Remembered pop up.

by Yvonne Battle-Felton

It is 1910 and Philadelphia is burning.

The last place Spring wants to be is in the rundown, coloured section of a hospital surrounded by the groans of sick people and the ghost of her dead sister. But as her son Edward lays dying, she has no other choice.

There are whispers that Edward drove a streetcar into a shop window. Some people think it was an accident, others claim that it was his fault, the police are certain that he was part of a darker agenda. Is he guilty? Can they find the truth?

All Spring knows is that time is running out. She has to tell him the story of how he came to be. With the help of her dead sister, newspaper clippings and reconstructed memories, she must find a way to get through to him. To shatter the silences that her governed her life, she will do everything she can to lead him home.

Remembered by Yvonne Battle-Felton
Rating: ★★★☆☆

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. 

Oh, I love a good historical read. Remembered was a priority read because of its historical aspects, synopsis and diversity. Yvonne Battle-Felton weaves a beautiful, thought provoking story that spans across generations and leaves readers feeling quite emotional as the conclusion approaches. It is a stunning, blunt and aching look at the cost of freedom, the past, and so much more.

Truly, its title feels fitting. Remembered says everything you need to know in terms of the center of these stories. Remember the ache that you feel throughout these pages. I thought that the setup and flow of Remembered, too, was gorgeously done, if not a little confusing at times. (This is not any hitch in the story and does not effect how it made me feel.)

Remembered takes its readers on a journey that feels heavy with emotion. You can expect to walk away from it feeling something not unlike devastation. Because of its split timelines, and the plotlines featured, Remembered takes a lot out on its readers in the best way possible. Battle-Felton tugs at our heartstrings and guides us through the story in a way that is striking.

Dry eyes are a near impossibility when it comes to Remembered. But that's how I like my stories. I want that honesty as it tackles hard-hitting topics. I don't want shyness or lackluster fillers and little to no emotion. Remembered tackles so many things in so little time. Yvonne Battle-Felton has truly given us something special.

At the end of the day, Remembered is an absolute must-read. Yvonne Battle-Felton's prose is a thing of intensity and glory. Pulsing with heart and soul, rich with vivid historical story-telling, it's impossible to put down and even more impossible to forget. It never stops tangling readers in an array of feelings and leaves you with your thoughts long after you finish.

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