Short, but Fiery: Sierra Simone is the Queen of Smut | Review: The Awakening of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone

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Am I still avoiding reading the third installment of Thornchapel? Yes. Was I having withdrawals of the Sierra Simone variety? Also yes. So, on a whim, I decided to start the Markham Hall trilogy. And. Um. Hoo, boy.

The Awakening of Ivy Leavold 
by Sierra Simone

Yorkshire, 1879

I am alone...

When Ivy Leavold is left destitute by her brother’s death, she is taken in by her cousin’s brooding, tortured widower—Julian Markham. Handsome and possessive, it’s not long before Ivy falls for him. But Mr. Markham has dark secrets, secrets that may put Ivy in danger...

I am afraid...

As Ivy unravels the mystery surrounding her cousin’s death, she falls deeper and deeper in love with Julian, who opens her body and her mind to his indomitable will. But even as he draws pleasure and desire from her night after night, Ivy can’t shake the feeling that their passionate affair may end in violence…

And I'm completely his.

The Awakening of Ivy Leavold by Sierra Simone
Rating: ★★★
"--something about the sliver of moon and the twinkling stars called to my soul, promising safety and relief as soon as the walls of the house were no longer around me."

(Side note: if any family member is reading this, I'd like to formally apologize and if I could wipe this from your memory I probably would. You still have time to escape. Run, run, run away, run away.)

Well, as if Sierra Simone didn't already own me when it comes to steamy romances, the beginning of Markham Hall has officially reignited my interest in her works. The stan hat is officially back, kids. On and fitted. That's right! The queen of filthy, atmospheric, quickies continues on her reign. And I'm bowing down to her, always.

I feel like I need to fan myself. Hop in a cold shower. Go for a jog. Something.

Obviously, if you are unfamiliar with Sierra Simone, this book (and series) won't be for everyone. This series is an erotic romance of the historical variety. It's basically Jane Eyre, but smutty. It goes without saying that this is strictly for adults. If you aren't a fan of explicit romance, aren't sex positive, and shy away from an occasional kink, I definitely cannot recommend The Awakening of Ivy Leavold to you.

Or, for that matter, any of Simone's works.

If you are? You definitely should be reading the Markham Hall trilogy. It feels very much so like the same atmospheric tone that Simone's Thornchapel series has; fast, a little dark, woven in a way that makes you unable to cast it aside--I definitely found myself scolding the fact that I hadn't read it sooner. This might be my favourite work of Simone's to date, and I feel like I missed out on a lot by not reading The Awakening of Ivy Leavold sooner.

The chemistry of this book is off the charts. The writing is stunning. The characters are intriguing and there's this air to each of them that pulls at something at the back of my mind. 

Not only is it fast paced, it's shamelessly delectable and achingly so. The Awakening of Ivy Leavold shines despite its short length; creating an atmosphere that is equally sizzling and mysterious. If you like a little darkness with your steamy reads, and you haven't given this a go, consider this a sign. But, remember, Sierra Simone isn't for the faint of heart--you've been warned.

I cannot wait to see where Ivy and Julian's relationship takes them next.
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