Blogtober (#11) | Twelve Poetry Collections to Cozy Up With

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We all know I love to curl up with good reads during the autumn. And one of my favourite things to do is grab a poetry collection, some page tabs to annotate, snuggle up and read.

I think that today's topic goes without saying.

If you've been following my blog for even a few weeks, you've likely noticed that poetry is one of my favourite things to read and write. Something that you can't beat--it's like music or journals or conversation between old friends.

It's deeply personal. It's subjective to a person's experiences. It's full of hellos and goodbyes; dreams and missed chances. There's something so intimate and extraordinary about slipping into someone's thoughts, and listening to their inner workings in what feels like real time. Good prose feels like home.

I know that a lot of people get a bit touchy and argumentative about modern poetry. It's a source of great frustration for me, personally, because poetry comes in varying forms and there's not really a wrong way to explore your life in prose. People connect with different things. A lot of complaints are more or less based on personal preference but exploring it in a way that is petty.

Modern poetry is often like a stream of thoughts--sometimes short, to the point, sometimes longer.

Which I absolutely love. So much of the poet's experiences feel energetic and bleak and personal and everything all at once. Like life itself, it's full of contradictions and complexities. Give me loud declarations of heartbreak and loss and grief and love and triumphs and everything.

Here are some of my favourite poetry collections of all time.

Do you have any favourite poetry collections? 
(Modern or classic.) 
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