Blogtober (#28) All About Empowerment and Self-Love | Review: The Rose That Blooms in the Night by Allie Michelle

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This was such a refreshing change of pace with what I've been reading all month. I definitely enjoyed Allie Michelle's prose!


Without the sun, the rose that blooms in the night must learn to create light within herself and bloom from her own love. This poetry collection is a journey of finding the strength it takes to be soft. 

The Rose That Blooms in the Night is a collection of poems from spoken word poet, yoga instructor, podcaster, and Instagram influencer Allie Michelle. The collection is meant to be a mirror reflecting the love inside of those who read it. It tells the tale of transformational cycles we experience throughout our lives. Falling in and out of love. Feeling lost and rediscovering our purpose. Learning to create a home within our own skin instead of seeking it in other people and places.

The Rose That Blooms in the Night by Allie Michelle
Rating: ★★★★☆

As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Again, I have to say it: 2019 has been killing it with fantastic poetry. The Rose That Blooms in the Night is another wonderful example of the intimacy that is prose. It is empowering, honest, full of life and its complexities. Allie Michelle explores many topics with a tone that will leave readers on the edge of their seats and feeling as though they are watching a performance of her words.

Divided into two sections and featuring illustrations that fit beautiful with Michelle's prose, The Rose That Blooms in the Night never manages to feel repetitive or lackluster. It stands firmly with itself and Allie Michelle's peers, solidifying a place in our modern world of poetry. If you're looking for something that compels you instantly and leaves you feeling warm and optimistic, this collection is for you.

And it's so very important.

Every moment is well spent within the pages of The Rose That Blooms in the Night and showcases not only Michelle's talented voice, but also the very best of modern poetry. There is substance. There is that intimacy of poetry. Michelle's writing takes her readers into a journey of self-love, respect and the beauty of becoming you.

It is in its simplicity and stunning prose that will garner a well-earned place on the best-of-2019 lists this year. Allie Michelle is absolutely someone to look out for in the poetry world and I am more than excited to read more by her in the future. Ultimately, the messages of The Rose That Blooms in the Night will give readers that spark, that nudge, to continue forward, and I walked away from it feeling a lot lighter.

There's just something about Allie Michelle.

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