Blogtober (#3) | Various Autumn Recommendations

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Day three of Blogtober is upon us! *weird ghostly music begins to play* Er... yeah. Okay. That's. Well. We're just going to gloss over that and move forward with today's post.

My question is: who allowed me to blog? Who? I have a bone to pick with you. Or, as my laptop just attempted to say: I have an Oboe to pick with you. Which, as a flute player, that seems a bit like some fighting words. Did my computer just challenge me to a duel? Should I accept? Am I meant to show up at dawn, with printer ink cartridges instead of pistols?

So far, so good, with this whole Blogtober thing. I mean, minus the awful dad jokes, I think I'm doing an acceptable job at this. I don't mean to toot my own horn but, like... toot toot. Real talk, though, I'm excited to be participating this year. It's a bit more laid back than I anticipated. I'd call it "Blogtober, mildly chaotic, laid back, chic" if I had to title it on wish.

Autumn recommendations seem to be never ending for Booked J. I mean, this is my time to thrive when it comes to... honestly, everything. Something about autumn just really puts me in a good state of mind. I get stuff done. I read more. I'm more relaxed. I don't know what it is about autumn, but I'm glad it exists.

Today's entry is all about my personal favourite autumn reads. It's a fairly basic spin on this topic and likely ones you've seen me and 98% of the community post about or have read for yourself. (Hello, Harry Potter!) Still, they are worth mentioning! After-all, if it makes you happy, shouldn't you show appreciation towards these things?

Whether these books are classics, new, cozy, spooky, series or standalones: these are some of my favourite reads that feel all but made for the autumn season. I wanted to make sure there was a variety here and that more than one of my personal preferences were touched on!

What do you like to read in the autumn?
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